All our conservation projects depend on team work, so they are perfect for dedicated group trips! Over the last years, we have organised conservation experiences for families, school groups, university groups, corporate incentive schemes or just groups of friends.

Volunteer Group at a Conservation Project

“The study tour was designed to be as active as possible and involved setting up a workbook for students, tracking activity, drives, and conservation practical work, survey work including a vulture census, observation behaviour work, walks and lectures. They have been a roaring success and the organisation I work with are superb. The accommodation and food is excellent, all risk assessments, travel and schedules are set up by them.” Richard Champion

Who can go on a group trip?

Anyone, really - We have arranged group trips for school groups, university classes, employers, families and groups of friends.

What kind of group trips are possible?

We can arrange either dedicated group trips or you can join a regular conservation project with a group of family or friends. We frequently arrange “African Ecosystems Field Trips” which include lectures on the African wildlife and habitats, practical conservation work, game drives, bush walks and field study projects. We also organise "Wildlife Veterinary” trips for groups of veterinary medicine students, where the focus is on practical wildlife veterinary experience, allowing students to work with a range of wildlife species. Field trips can also include a component of community service or visits to South African attractions. Each trip is arranged in close co-operation with the participants. Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to work out a programme with you.

What is the cost for a group trip?

Group bookings of 8 or more volunteers who join a regular conservation project as volunteers are eligible for a discount of £ 250 / US$ 375 each on their placements. In this case you won’t have an exclusive group experience, as there might be other volunteers at the project at the same time. If we arrange a dedicated field trip or project placement for your group we will prepare a specific quote for you.