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Wildlife Veterinary Experience

WILDLIFE VETERINARY EXPERIENCE WORK ALONGSIDE SOUTH AFRICA’S MOST EXPERIENCED WILDLIFE VETS African Conservation Experience work with a number of wildlife veterinarians in South Africa, offering volunteers on the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience  the opportunity to participate in some of the following:

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Wildlife Veterinary Course

WILDLIFE VETERINARY COURSE Work with an experienced wildlife veterinarian in Africa The Wildlife Veterinary Course gives students access to realistic work with an experienced wildlife veterinarian in South Africa.

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Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience

SHIMONGWE WILDLIFE VETERINARY EXPERIENCE In one of the most wildlife prolific areas of southern Africa, the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience offers you the opportunity to join the day to day activities of our experienced wildlife veterinarians in the field and clinic.

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A Special Offer for Veterinary Professionals on World Veterinary Day

Saturday 30 April is World Veterinary Day - A good day to recognise the wonderful work that people in the veterinary professions do for animals worldwide.

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72 Hours In Wildlife Veterinary A&E

"How as your weekend?” is a standard Monday morning greeting. If anyone asked Dr Rogers and team this Monday, the likely response would have been “What weekend?!” Here is a run down of the wildlife cases that his clinic dealt with between Friday and Sunday night! South Africa is struggling with a continued drought.

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Collaring an Elephant - A rare veterinary opportunity!

On Monday 7th May, the students volunteering with the Shimongwe Bundox Wildlife Veterinary Experience had the amazing opportunity to participate in darting and collaring a female elephant.

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Veterinary Graduate in the African Bush

“I graduated as a vet in July 2011 from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Despite wanting to work with small animals, it was an initial fascination with wildlife (and dinosaurs) that initially made me want to become a vet.

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Veterinary volunteer Ruby posts her blogs direct from South Africa!

Follow Ruby Shorrock's placement in South Africa at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience as she updates us on her experience from SA! Ruby is on the Shimongwe Lowveld Veterinary Experience and has treated an injured elephant while the rest of the herd watched, captured hyena, treated a buffalo caught in a snare trap, fostered a poorly puppy

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Veterinary Work With Rare Sable Antelope and Buffalo, followed by an Emergency Caesarian Operation

Sable antelope are very valuable animals and are therefore actively managed and bred on game farms. There is never a dull moment at Dr Kriel's Shimongwe Limpopo Veterinary Experience as these aspiring vet students found out.

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Projects by Animal

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION PROJECTS: SEARCH BY ANIMAL VOLUNTEER IN AFRICA AND EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH AFRICAN WILDLIFE African Conservation Experience offers conservation travellers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside professionals like wildlife researchers and  wildlife vets in Africa.

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Q&A’s - Working and Volunteering With Wildlife In Africa

Q&A’s - Working and Volunteering With Wildlife In Africa Interested in working and volunteering with wildlife in Africa?

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6 ways that we can all help endangered African animals in 2017

Tremendous work is being done all across the world to help improve the numbers of African animals that are vulnerable and endangered, but how can you help to make a difference this year? Below, we’ve outlined six ways that we can all help to make a difference to the lives and habitats of endangered African animals in 2017.

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Volunteer with African animals and make 2017 your most memorable yet

If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, you might have considered an extravagant trip around the globe, swimming with dolphins or eating at some of the world’s top restaurants, but you might not have considered volunteering with animals in Africa.

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Lives claimed in 2016 - Remembering 112 Wildlife Rangers

Many famous people have passed away in 2016. The world press and social media have given ample tribute to them.

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Rip roaring facts about the African lion (Infographic)

Commonly referred to as the king of the jungle, Lions combine beauty with strength, and this makes them one of the most majestic animals in the world.

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Rhino Conservation Projects

RHINO CONSERVATION PROJECTS VOLUNTEER IN AFRICA AND EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH RHINO Despite its rugged exterior and powerful stature, the African black rhino is a vulnerable animal.

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FAQS for ACE Wildlife Volunteering About your wildlife conservation placement Choosing your wildlife conservation placement International applications Safety in Southern Africa Placement costs Group placements Rhino Ratings explained ABOUT YOUR WILDLIFE CONSERVATION PLACEMENT Do I need to be a student?

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Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation

WILDLIFE CARE & REHABILITATION HELP CARE FOR AND REHABILITATE INJURED AND ORPHANED ANIMALS You can work with three different wildlife care and rehabilitation projects in South Africa and Zimbabwe - the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, the Care for Wild Africa project and the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Research Project.

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African Predator Course

AFRICAN PREDATOR COURSE THE COMPREHENSIVE AFRICAN PREDATOR COURSE COVERS EVERYTHING FROM VETERINARY WORK TO FIELD RESEARCH AND PREDATOR CONSERVATION Directed and tutored by a wildlife veterinarian, a lion ecologist and experienced game rangers the 12 day African Predator Course covers the management and care of captive predator populations as

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African Wildlife Vets & Game Capture Experience

AFRICAN WILDLIFE VETS & GAME CAPTURE EXPERIENCE Assisting with the immobilisation and treatment of animals On the African Wildlife Vets & Capture Experience you’ll be teamed up with a South African wildlife vet who works in partnership with a large scale professional wildlife capture and service operation.

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