About Us and Our Mission

Founders of ACE with local conservation group

The Origins of African Conservation Experience

African Conservation Experience was established in 1999 by Rob and Marion Harris, with the main objectives being to provide enthusiastic people with the opportunity to experience wildlife and conservation in southern Africa; and to finance conservation projects in southern Africa through self funding volunteers. With over 10 years in operation, ACE has established itself as a reputable organiser of conservation placements on projects in southern Africa with over 5000 volunteers having visited more than 15 conservation projects. It is now one of the most experienced UK organisations placing volunteers on conservation projects in southern Africa.

Our Mission

African Conservation Experience etablishes, maintains and supports conservation projects in southern Africa. 

Projects are selected on the basis of real conservation value, the genuine wildlife experience they provide to volunteers and their contribution to the local environment and community. 

Fair Travel, Fair Work - Fair Play!

Most people are familiar with the concept of Fair Trade. ACE are not in the business of trading with bananas or coffee though - we organise conservation travel. Nonetheless, we do believe that it’s possible to do business, from start to finish, in a way that is fair and positive for all involved. And by “all involved” we mean not only our conservation travellers and the ACE team members, but also “partners” in the widest sense: Our suppliers and partner projects, the local communities and economies, educational institutions, and our most important partner of all - the wildlife and ecosystems of Africa. It all comes down to Fair Travel, Fair Work - Fair Play!

Supporting Conservation and Giving Back to Africa

Supporting conservation is at our core, and our commitment to the local communities and environments we work with is a vital component of what we do. As an organisation we support and sponsor various conservation and community initiatives in southern Africa, part of which as a volunteer you are helping to fund. Read about our current sponsored conservation and community groups.

The ACE Team

We have a dedicated team both based in the office and on the ground in southern Africa, including trained zoologists, marine biologists and conservationists well placed to assess the impact of our work. We place great importance on getting to know each and every volunteer and on providing you with a strong support structure throughout your placement.

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