Special Opportunities

Every now and then, there are some special opportunities for conservation placements - whether there is some particularly exciting work happening at a certain project, there are seasonal wildlife highlights to be enjoyed, or the odd special discount is up for grabs. So keep an eye on this section - we all like a good deal!

Calling all qualified vets and vet nurses / vet techs - 10% discount on placements at Care for Wild Africa and the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage!

The Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe and the Care for Wild Africa project in South Africa both frequently take in poisoned, injured, orphaned and confiscated wildlife - and these animals need veterinary care.

Care for Wild Africa specialises on caring for rhino calves that have been orphaned due to poachers killing their mothers. These baby rhino are always dehydrated and traumatised when they arrive at Care for Wild. All too often, they have also suffered terrible injuries, either at the hands of the poachers or from predator attacks, once they have lost their mother's protection.

The Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage & Research Centre work with a huge variety of wildlife species. They are frequently called on to take in injured animals that have been found by the general public. Often animals have been caught in snares, hit by cars or been attacked by dogs. The team at Chipangali tend to broken bones, infections and even tick infestations. If the animal makes a good recovery, they can often release it in the Matopos area.

All volunteers are valuable and important and these projects could not run without them. But when an animal needs intensive care and on-going veterinary treatment, volunteers that bring skills and experience in dealing with injuries and trauma in animals can be - literally - a life-saver. The 10% discount is in recognition of the extra contribution these participants make.

How to claim this discount: The discount is available on any placement set up at Care for Wild Africa or Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, for a placement duration of up to 4 weeks. (You are very welcome to stay longer, but additional weeks will be at the standard rate). To prove your eligibility for the discount, we will ask you to provide us with either a photocopy of your relevant qualification, or a letter of recommendation from your employer, confirming your qualification and experience.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This discount can not be combined with any other discount.
  • ACE reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time. We will of course honour any confirmed booking already in place at the time, should we discontinue the offer.
  • The discount is available only for placements at Care forWild Africa and Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage. These two projects frequently care for injured animals and do not have a qualified vet or vet nurse on their permanent teams.
  • Placements are subject to availability.



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