Silhouette of a giraffe in the sunset

ACE offset over 878 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2010!

2010 has seen African Conservation Experience offset a huge 878.95 tonnes of carbon dioxide through greenhouse gas reduction projects in order to reduce the rate of global climate change!

In line with our Responsible Travel Policy, we are very aware that flights cause a great detrimental impact on the environment.

When you join our projects you are making a valuable contribution to conservation efforts and are contributing to the protection of wildlife and ecosystems. However, we are also aware that all overseas travel can have both positive and negative impacts on the environment and on communities.

Our responsible travel policy sets out our commitment to you to make your entire experience with ACE as environmentally and culturally friendly as possible!

Environmental Commitment

  • African Conservation Experience carbon offsets all our flights to and from southern Africa using Climatecare
  • Our UK office recycles paper, ink cartridges, cardboard and glass.
  • We carry out energy-saving practices such as turning off electrical equipment when not in use.
  • All our staff are committed to protecting our environment and carry these practices through to their home life
  • Where possible we use suppliers and printers who also have a strong environmental policy
  • Projects recycle, save energy and minimize water usage wherever possible
  • All our promotional material and other documentation and stationery is printed on recycled paper, or on paper from a certified sustainable source