ACE school group learning about building practices in the local community and assisting

ACE students making a real difference

Real progress has been seen on our community project, where ACE students have been renovating accommodation at a local orphanage.

Work on six houses has now been completed at the orphanage, and now the cementing and structural work is underway on the seventh.

Early in October the team collected a glazer and spent a long afternoon at the orphanage putting windows in the six completed houses. Students from the Hanchi Conservation Project joined forces with the Nholwasi students and spent the day playing and dancing with the local children whilst the glazers worked.

It was quite an emotional day for everyone, as the occupants of the houses were overjoyed and very grateful for their new windows and light – before the windows were added there was just corrugated iron bolted on – and the students were able to see their hard work paying off, and the joy their handiwork had given to those less fortunate.