BLOG September 8, 2010

August 2010 Game Ranger participants study hyenas


It’s definitely not all classroom grind on the Game Ranger Guide Course! The participants in the August course got stuck into the exciting life of a game ranger. The modules of the course include practical skills, like handling a rifle or basic 4WD maintenance, as well as becoming involved in ongoing wildlife studies.

The course rangers have been observing a hyena den for 6 months now, and the volunteers helped to install an infrared camera, allowing them to capture images. Judging from the images so far, there are at least two cubs estimated to be two to three weeks old. There appear to be three more older cups at the den, future pictures will reveal the full picture!

Handling firearms in the bush

Handling firearms

Installing infrared camera equipment for night recordings

Installing Infrared camera

Recording hyena behaviour at night using the infrared camera

Studying hyena at night

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