Close up of a Bushbaby

Baby Boom at Khulula & The Rumbles of Young Footsteps

The hand rearing season at Khulula is in full swing as orphaned animals and young are joining the centre at a rate faster than anyone expected so early in the season!

In the last couple of weeks alone, Khulula has taken under its wing two baby genet cats, a young banded mongoose, a very young grey duiker, 3 baby vervet monkeys and a thick tailed bush baby, all still being bottle fed and requiring around the clock care.

The centre has also become home in the last two weeks to a family of caracals, the kittens of which are now being hand reared by volunteers, a cape fox, an 8 month old jackal pup and a serval cat. A scoops owl, one of the smallest owls in the southern African region, has also joined the centre.

This is of course in addition to the many species already at the centre being cared for and rehabilitated throughout the day and night, including Bobby the young white rhino, the sun conures, the cats, ostrich and of course Riley the bushbaby to name just a few!

The continued development and growth of such vulnerable animals in southern Africa, is the result of passionate and dedicated conservation teams such as Khulula’s.