Nholwasi Community Project, preparing the ground for vegetables

Biodiversity celebrations!

Catch up on the latest news from the Nholwasi Community Project and our partner charity, Children’s Eco Training.

Biodiversity celebration – fun in the sun

Maureen Lahoud (international professional actress and dancer) was recently invited to assist in teaching concepts through dances and body movements. The workshop she attended was aimed at increasing the understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth. The children mimicked animals, trees, insects, and grass and re-enacted daily tasks in the villages and had to do four interpretative dances. The children were learning important information without even realising they were working! Biodiversity was taught in a fun way and an additional skill was mastered.

National Water Week celebrations

The three schools, Matikinya, Mawuvana and Seganyane made the children aware of National Water Week by daily water-related activities. The schools committed themselves to growing and sustaining vegetable gardens and beautiful flowerbeds for which water is a necessary component. Huge Celebrations were organised to end the week on a high note. All three schools were visited by CET staff members, Zani, Winky and Trico who awarded each school a globe donated by Ammeke Vorster of Edumat in Johannesburg.

In other news, Matinkinya Primary School organised an excursion to some of the Hoedspruit attractions including Bombyx Mori Silk Farm, Khamai Reptile Park, the train station and a special visit to Parma Nursery Matinkinya School originally had no water source but a CET initiated project changed this and they soon had a bore-hole and water system.

Parma Nursery donated the seedlings to get their greening project started and their vegetable garden is now nearly the size of a soccer field! In gratitude, several teachers and 180 children paid a surprise visit to Parma Nursery to hand over a gift of the school's vegetable produce. The children then had a short tour to witness the seedling sowing process and to view the greenhouses.