BLOG April 22, 2016

Bulawayo’s Animal Rescue Heroes!

Mammals, reptiles, birds, Chipangali care about all of them! Here’s an update of their heartwarming success stories from the last couple of months:

Reptile Release:

 Croc release    Crocodile release

 At the beginning of March a huge croc was found by local farmers about 50km outside of Bulawayo on the Harare road! The Chipangali Team were called up by the Zimbabwe National Parks governing body to assist with removing the reptile. After a successful capture, the next day the team headed over to the Matopos National Park for the crocs release. The stunning Matopos is a World Heritage Site and a perfect home for wildlife. They released it in the Chintampa Dam, already home to 2 crocs and 3 hippo!

Chipangali have a direct link with the National Parks governing body in Zimbabwe and are regularly called upon to assist in wildlife rescues and relocations. Chipangali wouldn’t be able to do this vital work without the funding support from their conservation travellers!

We are all thrilled to see attitudes are changing in Zimbabwe, in the past it would have been highly likely that the croc would be shot rather than captured and released – a true conservation success!

Claw Enforcement:

 Serval    Serval Release   Serval Crate Carry

A few weeks ago Chipangali received a call from friends of theirs asking for assistance with a group of carnivores that were killing their geese at the dam. After talking to the staff and looking into what, or who, was causing the the problem, they set camera traps and drop traps and waited to see what happened. It was the suspicion of the property owners that there were 4 serval cats killing the geese. The Chipangali team were lucky enough to catch one of the culprits!

They are holding the serval for a short while to see if they manage to catch any more members of the group and to break the homing instinct. They can then relocate and release them back into the wild in the Matopos National Park together.

Servals are not common, especially in Zimbabwe, so these conservation efforts are important. Chipangali’s owner, Kevin, donated 4 geese to the property owner to compensate for those taken by the serval! A great result with a positive outcome for both animal and property owners – success!

Cupid’s arrow finally hits the troop!

Cupid Troop

Cupid the orphaned vervet monkey came into Chipangali at just a couple of months old after his mother was shot by farmers whilst crop raiding. He is now 5 months old and has just been accepted into Victor’s troop! Happy times for Cupid and his new family!

Living life to the Max:

 Max The Spotted Eagle

The centre’s spotted eagle owl, Max, also had a positive fate, when it was finally time for him to be released last month. Max spent some time hanging around the centre once freed, he will soon have his confidence to fly off into the wild!


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