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02 Sep 2022

Rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release

30 Aug 2022

Discovering Africa’s last true wilderness

17 May 2020

'Work on the Wild Side' featuring former ACE volunteer Rachael Pfeiffer at Care for Wild

African Conservation Experience is proud to announce that a new 20-part wildlife series ‘Work on the Wild Side’, starting 18th May on UK’s Channel4, will be featuring some of our key partners and people….

15 Jul 2019

Our Experience with Animal Planet’s Vet Gone Wild

Animal Planet wanted a location in South Africa for one of their Vet Gone Wild episodes, featuring veterinarian Dr….

14 Jun 2019

How to Take Responsible Wildlife Selfies

Visiting Africa’s wild areas and being involved in conserving wildlife on the ground is a dream for many….

02 Nov 2018

Elephant Conservation in Botswana

Botswana has recently featured prominently in the international media because of a reported increase in elephant carcasses sighted during the latest aerial wildlife survey….

14 Mar 2016

A chat with “Eyes on Conservation”

Field biologist and documentary film-maker Matt Podolsky from the “Eyes on Conservation” podcast took time to chat to Martin and Ellen from the African Conservation Experience team about the concept of Conservation Travel, the story of the African Conservation Experience and what we hope to achieve….

07 Mar 2016

Molly and rhino orphans Manje and Venus become TV celebrities!

If you are an avid animal lover and live in the UK, you’ve probably been enjoying the BBC’s “Nature’s Miracle Orphans” programme on a Sunday afternoon of late?     This Sunday, the eposide featured orphaned rhino Manje at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary….

14 Oct 2015

Sky News Exclusive: Inside Battle Against Rhino Poaching

Sky News are running a special feature throughout today about the rhino poaching war in South Africa! Part of the footage is filmed at Khulula Care for Wild; award-winning UK journalist Alex Crawford reports on the rescue and protection of the orphan calves brought in from the Kruger National Park, including interviews with African Conservation …

10 Sep 2015

Animal Mums

The recent ITV series of “Animal Mums” has enjoyed great, and unsurprising, popularity. Who does not love footage of baby animals?…

14 Aug 2015

When Harry met Manje

Since we let the cat out of the bag earlier this week about HRH Prince Harry’s visit to Khulula Care for Wild there have been 2 questions on everybody’s mind: “How long did it take him to grow that magnificent beard?…

12 Aug 2015

Khulula Care for Wild gets a royal visit!

The team at Khulula Care for Wild were in for a huge surprise when HRH Prince Harry joined them last Friday! Prince Harry’s travel itinerary around southern Africa has had a strong focus on learning about rhino conservation, so we might be allowed to say with pride that Khulula Care for Wild was an obvious choice….

18 Feb 2011

Film Crew Join Mauritius and Marine Tours Start Promoting Responsible Tourism

Our monthly update from the team at Mauritius… “No two days are ever the same here and each task brings it’s own unique rewards….

27 Sep 2007

BBC Wildlife Magazine joins ACE!

In June, we were lucky enough to be joined on our Shimongwe Project by Sophie Stafford, the editor of BBC Wildlife magazine! Sophie joined the vets for 2 weeks and came face-to-face with White Rhino and Buffalo, as well as many other African mammals….


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