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28 Dec 2018

African Conservation Experience 2018: Top 5 Highlights

2018 has been an incredible year for us and for you, our volunteers, in a number of ways. Here’s a breakdown of our favourite highlights and biggest stories for the year! Great Strides to Protect Our Lions In August this year, the South African Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs hosted a symposium on captive lion …

19 Oct 2018

Chipangali Turns 45

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Sanctuary, one of Africa’s oldest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres, just turned an incredible 45 years old! The world was a very different place 45 years ago, but one man recognised the need for a wildlife orphanage and rehabilitation centre in Zimbabwe….

27 Oct 2016

ACE the Leopard - The newest member of the predator research study at Chipangali

African Conservation Experience HR Manager Pam assists in leopard capture-and-collar procedure in Zimbabwe The Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Research Centre are not only running a very busy wildlife rehabilitation centre, but are also engaged in a long-term predator study in the Matopos National Park region….

20 Jul 2016

Bad Neighbours - Coming face to face with Human-Wildlife Conflict

How many people would love to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature and wildlife? It’s an idyllic idea – Waking up to the sounds of birds, going to sleep without traffic noise, maybe spotting wildlife from your terrace….

13 May 2016

Wildlife Relocation Success at Chipangali

A few weeks ago we posted about how the team from the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre were involved in various wildlife capture & relocation missions- including the team trapping two serval cats who got on the wrong side of a local farmer by preying on his geese….

22 Apr 2016

Bulawayo’s Animal Rescue Heroes!

Mammals, reptiles, birds, Chipangali care about all of them! Here’s an update of their heartwarming success stories from the last couple of months:…

24 Mar 2016

Predator Policy at Chipangali

Kevin Wilson, manager of the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, responds to the concerns that conscientious volunteers have about predator work in wildlife rehabilitation centres….

16 Jan 2016


The team at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage spent the festive season doing plenty of good deeds, as they took in one orphaned animal after another! First arrival was a little bushpig just before Christmas….

28 Oct 2015

Lions in Wildlife Rehabilitation Projects - No Blood on our Hands

The recent release of the documentary “Blood Lions” has put the spotlight on breeding predators for the sake of trophy hunting….

21 May 2013

A bandit stole my heart

Lucy Marris Re-lives some of her experiences at Chipangali from 2012 This article was written by Lucy Marris back in 2012 when she travelled with us, visiting some of our African Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Projects….


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