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14 Oct 2019

What do we mean by “Endangered Species”?

Nearly every day we see depressing headlines about animals once thought as common being added to the endangered species list….

16 Sep 2019

How the CITES wildlife conference affects African mammals

Elephants, rhinos and giraffes took centre stage at this year’s conference to discuss the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES)….

15 Jul 2019

Our Experience with Animal Planet’s Vet Gone Wild

Animal Planet wanted a location in South Africa for one of their Vet Gone Wild episodes, featuring veterinarian Dr….

14 Jun 2019

How to Take Responsible Wildlife Selfies

Visiting Africa’s wild areas and being involved in conserving wildlife on the ground is a dream for many….

24 May 2019

Conserving African Giraffe Is a Tall Order – Here’s How You Can Help

The African Giraffe is in trouble, yet we only noticed this recently. We need to pay more attention to giraffe and giraffe habitats by monitoring their movements and habits – you can join this effort in Botswana by volunteering with our Okavango Wilderness Experience….

01 Apr 2019

The Greater Kruger National Park - The Importance Of Large Ecosystem Conservation in Africa

The Kruger National Park is a vast wilderness area that was established over 100 years ago, yet this conservation area is still expanding to include private protected areas and National Parks in neighbouring countries….

11 Jan 2019

Weird and Wonderful Collective Nouns

The African savannah is home to a huge variety of wildlife species. With this much diversity, it’s not surprising that we’ve come up with some equally diverse and interesting words to describe them, and among the most interesting of these are the terms (collective nouns) we use to describe groups of wild animals….

28 Dec 2018

African Conservation Experience 2018: Top 5 Highlights

2018 has been an incredible year for us and for you, our volunteers, in a number of ways. Here’s a breakdown of our favourite highlights and biggest stories for the year! Great Strides to Protect Our Lions In August this year, the South African Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs hosted a symposium on captive lion …

30 Nov 2018

Protecting Painted Wolves in Southern Africa

The African Wild Dog is locally extinct in many African countries and is listed as endangered across the entire continent….

02 Nov 2018

Elephant Conservation in Botswana

Botswana has recently featured prominently in the international media because of a reported increase in elephant carcasses sighted during the latest aerial wildlife survey….

19 Sep 2018

Getting Involved In The Race To Save The Rhino

Our Rhino Conservation Experience puts volunteers at the heart of the struggle to protect and conserve rhino populations in Southern Africa….

14 Jun 2018

Orphaned Rhino Calf Gets a New Lease of Life

African Conservation Experience’s rhino orphanage project, Care for Wild, welcomed a new arrival last week from the Kruger National Park….

22 Dec 2016

Which famous conservationist is your alter ego? Fun Quiz

14 Nov 2016

Super Moon: Anything but romantic for rhino conservation

Are you getting ready to watch the super moon tonight? On Monday 14 November, the moon will be the closest to the Earth on a full moon day since 1948….

20 Jul 2016

Bad Neighbours - Coming face to face with Human-Wildlife Conflict

How many people would love to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature and wildlife? It’s an idyllic idea – Waking up to the sounds of birds, going to sleep without traffic noise, maybe spotting wildlife from your terrace….

19 May 2016

The Endangered Painted Wild Dog

In aid of Endangered Species Day, we have focussed this blog piece on the wild dog! The African Wild Dog or Painted Wolf (Lycaon pictus) The African Wild dog (Lycaon pictus), also known as the painted dog, is one of Africa’s most charismatic predators and they certainly have a reputation as the most formidable hunters….

10 May 2016

The Legacy of Cecil the Lion

Should “charismatic” wildlife species have UNESCO World Heritage status? It has been almost exactly ten months to the day that Cecil the Lion was shot by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe….

06 May 2016

Happy Birthday, Sir David!

David Attenborough is celebrating his 90th birthday on Sunday 8 May! Sir David is arguably one of the greatest living naturalists and an inspiration to many of us….

24 Mar 2016

Predator Policy at Chipangali

Kevin Wilson, manager of the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, responds to the concerns that conscientious volunteers have about predator work in wildlife rehabilitation centres….

28 Oct 2015

Lions in Wildlife Rehabilitation Projects - No Blood on our Hands

The recent release of the documentary “Blood Lions” has put the spotlight on breeding predators for the sake of trophy hunting….

25 Sep 2015

When it's not just the thought that counts

How do you make sure that your “good cause” also has a good effect? Having good intentions and the heartfelt wish to do something good is as laudable as it can be dangerous….

25 Apr 2013

A meaty conservation issue

Although Antelope are an iconic group of species and one of the most populous in Africa, they tend to be a little over-looked in comparison to larger game such as elephant, rhino and predators….

20 Dec 2012

Will Hyenas Get the Last Laugh?

Ask people what their favourite African animals are, and you will often hear the same species mentioned: lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs….

04 Dec 2012

Predators under threat

The predators of eastern and southern Africa are some of the most iconic species that represent the wealth of biodiversity on the continent….

29 Feb 2012

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve Geometric Dreams!

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve, whose working group ACE support with funding and uniform, recently received a Geometric Tortoise that was picked up in Gordon’s Bay in the Cape Town area….

06 Jan 2011

ACE offset over 878 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2010!

2010 has seen African Conservation Experience offset a huge 878.95 tonnes of carbon dioxide through greenhouse gas reduction projects in order to reduce the rate of global climate change! In line with our Responsible Travel Policy, we are very aware that flights cause a great detrimental impact on the environment….

19 Oct 2010

Lizard, thought to be locally extinct, spotted in Harmony Flats Nature Reserve

Our passion for the wildlife and communities of southern Africa drives us to support conservation and community initiatives that cannot be supported in terms of volunteering….

15 Oct 2010

Biodiversity Celebrations!

Catch up on the latest news from Nholwasi Community Project and our partner charity, Children’s Eco Training….

13 Oct 2010

Interfering with Nature or Vital Conservation?

Should humans interfere with nature? A complex question that has speculated debate across the globe….

25 Mar 2010

How Sustainable Is Your Supermarket Seafood?

The Marine Conservation Society have looked into the sustainability of seafood available in the UK’s major supermarkets….

15 Aug 2007

Choosing a Worthwhile Conservation Project

The nature of conservation work All conservation projects, whatever their specific topic, should have clear goals….


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