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21 Apr 2011

Volunteers needed to search for the world’s largest living toothed animal!

I have the largest brain of any animal, I can reach up to 20.5 metres in length and have a head that is one third the length of my body….

18 Feb 2011

Film Crew Join Mauritius and Marine Tours Start Promoting Responsible Tourism

Our monthly update from the team at Mauritius… “No two days are ever the same here and each task brings it’s own unique rewards….

13 Jan 2011

Katie's Wildlife Adventure!

One of our Canadian volunteers recently embarked on a 3 month placement with ACE, spending time at Shimongwe Veterinary Experience with Dr Kriel, and The Whale and Dolphin Research Centre….

06 Jan 2011

Searching for Sun? Work in Mauritius and experience life as a Marine Biologist!

While those of us in the UK were busy eating our weight in mince pies and Christmas pudding while trying hard to stay warm and avoid the elements, marine conservation volunteers spent December completing the last northern survey of the year enjoying a day exploring the reef around Flat island, finding hermit crabs, skinks and nesting tropic birds….

23 Nov 2010

Incredible Marine Sightings in Mauritius!

October has been a great month at Mauritius Dolphin Conservation Project! On one of the first boat trips in October the volunteers were accompanied by the Minister of Tourism of Mauritius! A very exciting trip that was designed to show the minister the impact of tourism on dolphins and so he could see the work the project is doing….

13 Oct 2010

One Species Missing From September's Marine Mammal Sightings!

The first week of September was an exciting one for the team in Mauritius with a small group of spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) in Tamarin Bay! This species is usually only seen at depths greater than 1000m, and has not previously been seen so close to shore….

16 Apr 2010

First sightings of the migrating Southern Right Whale made my DWRC

The southern right whale is an endangered species with the total population estimated at around 12,000….

25 Mar 2010

How Sustainable Is Your Supermarket Seafood?

The Marine Conservation Society have looked into the sustainability of seafood available in the UK’s major supermarkets….

04 Feb 2010

Baby Sperm Whale at Mauritius

Our volunteer, Kirsty, updates us on life at Mauritius and working with a distressed baby sperm whale….

04 Feb 2010

Marine volunteers see 18 Sperm whales, while over 40 Spinner dolphins keep the research team busy

200th Boat Trip – Seeing 18 sperm whales! “I had an amazing day today, we went out on the boat and saw 18 sperm whales as they were travelling North….

22 Jul 2009

Save the seahorse and a new township project!

Although the main part of the programme at the DWRC is to give you the opportunity to take part and learn research techniques, there is also a community aspect and volunteers can now be a part of the development of a new township project….

22 Jul 2009

10 whales breach for the DWRC volunteer researchers!

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking into our Marine Conservation Projects in Africa….

01 Jun 2007

Snow in Plettenbery Bay!

Greetings from a cold and wintry Plett! We have survived the snow and the hail and the Southern right whales are on their way….

14 Dec 2006

Seal pups, Strandings and Fundraising!

Greetings and Salutations friends! The last time this update came out we were busy planning and organising the fundraiser….

03 Oct 2006

Latest news from the Whale and Dolphin Centre

Common Dolphins On a particularly rough 15th August, a fairly ordinary boat trip took a turn for the considerable better when a call came out from another Ocean Blue boat that a number of common dolphins had been sighted in the bay….

22 May 2006

Newsletter from the Whale and Dolphin Centre

Hi all! Greetings from the Whale and Dolphin Research Centre… Hope you are all well…..huge apologies for not getting in touch sooner but things are slightly hectic around here!!!! We have four volunteers at the moment but with Jesse coming back next week, a new student arriving on Thursday and three new volunteers expected next Monday….

12 Apr 2006

News from the Whale and Dolphin Centre!

Before going to university, I wanted to travel and to have a gap year experience. While looking on the Internet I found the Whale and Dolphin Research Centre based in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa and was instantly caught….


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