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30 Nov 2018

Protecting Painted Wolves in Southern Africa

The African Wild Dog is locally extinct in many African countries and is listed as endangered across the entire continent….

08 Dec 2016

Rip roaring facts about the African lion (Infographic)

Commonly referred to as the king of the jungle, Lions combine beauty with strength, and this makes them one of the most majestic animals in the world….

10 May 2016

The Legacy of Cecil the Lion

Should “charismatic” wildlife species have UNESCO World Heritage status? It has been almost exactly ten months to the day that Cecil the Lion was shot by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe….

24 Mar 2016

Predator Policy at Chipangali

Kevin Wilson, manager of the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, responds to the concerns that conscientious volunteers have about predator work in wildlife rehabilitation centres….

05 Feb 2016

Leopard Cubs At Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

About ten days ago two leopard cubs were brought to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre by members of the Parks Board….

12 Nov 2015

Wild Dogs at Care for Wild!

Care For Wild opened its gates to a couple of very exciting temporary residents last week: A pair of female Wild Dogs….

28 Oct 2015

Lions in Wildlife Rehabilitation Projects - No Blood on our Hands

The recent release of the documentary “Blood Lions” has put the spotlight on breeding predators for the sake of trophy hunting….

17 Jun 2013

D-Day in Cheetah Conservation

By Lucy Marris One of the unexpected bonuses of being based at a property which hosts a range of volunteering ventures was the opportunity to occasionally join in with activities linked to projects other than the one I was actually attending….

04 Dec 2012

Predators under threat

The predators of eastern and southern Africa are some of the most iconic species that represent the wealth of biodiversity on the continent….

14 Mar 2012

Male Leopard Relocated to Matopos

With the help from the team at Mpumelelo Wildllife Orphanage and Research Centre a male leopard was recently captured to avoid the hunting and killing of livestock on a farm in the Shangani area of Zimbabwe….

25 Oct 2011

Leopard Relocation to Malawi

Volunteers at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre have been busy this last month, relocating two leopard to Majete Wildlife Reserve, situated in Malawi’s lower Shire valley….

25 Oct 2011

Lion Radio Collar Removal at Tuli

The aim of this process was to remove the radio collar from one of the Tuli lionesses, due to the collar coming to the end of its two year life span….

25 Oct 2011

Leopard darting at Tuli

The sky turned a deep pink as the sun rose up and told the world it was time for another day. But for the volunteers at Mohave camp in Tuli the day was already well on it’s way for today was Wednesday and that meant the end of adventure at Tuli for some of the volunteers and just the start of it for the new ones who would be arriving….

23 Nov 2010

Leopard and Hyena Tracking

Cheetahs with prey in trees, caracal sightings, the annual game capture, and seeing leopard cubs in the bushes are just some of the exciting events volunteers have witnessed at the Zingela Predator Conservation project this month! Up-close with Cheetahs and Hyenas On one of many cheetah walks, volunteers witnessed Rebecca, the wild, resident …

07 Apr 2010

Predator work updates from the bush...

Volunteering at Zingela Conservation Project, recent volunteers share some of their diary entries with us….

03 Apr 2008

Amazing Leopard sighting!

Volunteers watch a Leopard Kill at Tuli It was an hour or so after sunrise on Friday March 28th and without a cloud in the sky it was already beginning to get hot….

22 Mar 2007

Lions, Leopards and Elephants at Tuli

Dear Sarah, Lex, Rob, I’m so sorry its taken me so long to write to you – I can’t believe I’ve been back in England for almost a month already!  Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved my placement!  So thank you all so much!  I booked the placement 2 years in advance – as a reward to myself at the end of my PhD….

16 Aug 2006

Leopard and Elephant studies at Tuli

Tuli Conservation Project – Steph Taylor After a long journey from Johannesburg airport we arrived at Tuli around 6pm in total darkness!  As there isn’t any electricity we had to find our way around camp with lanterns and torches….


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