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24 May 2019

Conserving African Giraffe Is a Tall Order – Here’s How You Can Help

The African Giraffe is in trouble, yet we only noticed this recently. We need to pay more attention to giraffe and giraffe habitats by monitoring their movements and habits – you can join this effort in Botswana by volunteering with our Okavango Wilderness Experience….

28 Dec 2018

African Conservation Experience 2018: Top 5 Highlights

2018 has been an incredible year for us and for you, our volunteers, in a number of ways. Here’s a breakdown of our favourite highlights and biggest stories for the year! Great Strides to Protect Our Lions In August this year, the South African Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs hosted a symposium on captive lion …

19 Sep 2018

Getting Involved In The Race To Save The Rhino

Our Rhino Conservation Experience puts volunteers at the heart of the struggle to protect and conserve rhino populations in Southern Africa….

14 Jun 2018

Orphaned Rhino Calf Gets a New Lease of Life

African Conservation Experience’s rhino orphanage project, Care for Wild, welcomed a new arrival last week from the Kruger National Park….

27 Oct 2016

ACE the Leopard - The newest member of the predator research study at Chipangali

African Conservation Experience HR Manager Pam assists in leopard capture-and-collar procedure in Zimbabwe The Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Research Centre are not only running a very busy wildlife rehabilitation centre, but are also engaged in a long-term predator study in the Matopos National Park region….

18 Oct 2016

Scientific study of rehabilitation prospects for orphaned rhino at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Nobody wants wild animals to end up in wildlife rehabilitation centres, sanctuaries or zoos. In an ideal world they should live out their lives in the wild….

20 Jul 2016

Bad Neighbours - Coming face to face with Human-Wildlife Conflict

How many people would love to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature and wildlife? It’s an idyllic idea – Waking up to the sounds of birds, going to sleep without traffic noise, maybe spotting wildlife from your terrace….

15 Jun 2016

Rhino orphan Thor receives intensive care

It’s been a tough two weeks for black rhino orphan Thor. At the beginning of the month, he sustained injuries from another sub-adult male rhino….

13 May 2016

Wildlife Relocation Success at Chipangali

A few weeks ago we posted about how the team from the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre were involved in various wildlife capture & relocation missions- including the team trapping two serval cats who got on the wrong side of a local farmer by preying on his geese….

22 Apr 2016

Bulawayo’s Animal Rescue Heroes!

Mammals, reptiles, birds, Chipangali care about all of them! Here’s an update of their heartwarming success stories from the last couple of months:…

21 Apr 2016

New baby rhino arrives at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Another baby rhino arrived at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary last weekend. Gunshots were heard near one of the gates to Kruger National Park on Saturday night and rangers found the carcass of a female rhino, butchered by poachers….

22 Feb 2016

72 Hours In Wildlife Veterinary A&E

“How as your weekend?” is a standard Monday morning greeting. If anyone asked Dr Rogers and team this Monday, the likely response would have been “What weekend?!” Here is a run down of the wildlife cases that his clinic dealt with between Friday and Sunday night! South Africa is struggling with a continued drought….

12 Feb 2016


Monday 22 February   We are very sad to announce that Valentine succumbed to her injuries on Sunday night….

16 Jan 2016


The team at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage spent the festive season doing plenty of good deeds, as they took in one orphaned animal after another! First arrival was a little bushpig just before Christmas….

12 Nov 2015

Wild Dogs at Care for Wild!

Care For Wild opened its gates to a couple of very exciting temporary residents last week: A pair of female Wild Dogs….

22 May 2012

Collaring an Elephant - A rare veterinary opportunity!

On Monday 7th May, the students volunteering with the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience had the amazing opportunity to participate in darting and collaring a female elephant….

27 Oct 2011

Nsikazi volunteers rescue fallen Rhino bull

As reported in the Laevelder, 11 October 2011:  There was much consternation on Sunday at a small holding that borders on the Likweti private nature when two rhino bulls fought so viciously that one of them ended up in a garbage pit….

25 Oct 2011

Leopard Relocation to Malawi

Volunteers at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre have been busy this last month, relocating two leopard to Majete Wildlife Reserve, situated in Malawi’s lower Shire valley….

25 Oct 2011

Lion Radio Collar Removal at Tuli

The aim of this process was to remove the radio collar from one of the Tuli lionesses, due to the collar coming to the end of its two year life span….

25 Oct 2011

Leopard darting at Tuli

The sky turned a deep pink as the sun rose up and told the world it was time for another day. But for the volunteers at Mohave camp in Tuli the day was already well on it’s way for today was Wednesday and that meant the end of adventure at Tuli for some of the volunteers and just the start of it for the new ones who would be arriving….

17 Jun 2011

A Cloud's Silver Lining

At 1am on 14th June, 3 month old white rhino calf, Lunar, arrived at Khulula Wild Care after a traumatic few days….

21 Apr 2011

Volunteers needed to search for the world’s largest living toothed animal!

I have the largest brain of any animal, I can reach up to 20.5 metres in length and have a head that is one third the length of my body….

24 Nov 2010

Baby Boom at Khulula & The Rumbles of Young Footsteps

The hand rearing season at Khulula is in full swing as orphaned animals and young are joining the centre at a rate faster than anyone expected so early in the season! In the last couple of weeks alone, Khulula has taken under its wing two baby genet cats, a young banded mongoose, a very young grey duiker, 3 baby vervet monkeys and a thick tailed …

23 Nov 2010

Leopard and Hyena Tracking

Cheetahs with prey in trees, caracal sightings, the annual game capture, and seeing leopard cubs in the bushes are just some of the exciting events volunteers have witnessed at the Zingela Predator Conservation project this month! Up-close with Cheetahs and Hyenas On one of many cheetah walks, volunteers witnessed Rebecca, the wild, resident …

23 Nov 2010

Incredible Marine Sightings in Mauritius!

October has been a great month at Mauritius Dolphin Conservation Project! On one of the first boat trips in October the volunteers were accompanied by the Minister of Tourism of Mauritius! A very exciting trip that was designed to show the minister the impact of tourism on dolphins and so he could see the work the project is doing….

23 Nov 2010

Wildlife Conservation at Hanchi

From swimming with the herd of horses at Hanchi to seeing cheetahs hunting up close and watching giraffes at sunset, it’s been an exciting couple of months at the Hanchi Conservation Project! Caracal Sightings Volunteers that were out tracking hyenas were also lucky enough to catch glimpses of the rarely seen caracal this month….

21 Oct 2010

Rhino Rebellion

South Africa is classified as one of the most important countries in terms of rhino conservation, specifically the white rhino….

20 Oct 2010

Elephant Encounters at Moholoholo

One of the most challenging aspects of volunteering at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is the emotional and often challenging conditions in which an animal arrives at the centre….

19 Oct 2010

Catch Of The Day

It’s been a busy season for the Game Capture Team! The work of this group of specialists and the volunteers that lend hands-on support is notoriously unpredictable: They travel across the country, working at many different sites and with a wide variety of wildlife species….

13 Oct 2010

One Species Missing From September's Marine Mammal Sightings!

The first week of September was an exciting one for the team in Mauritius with a small group of spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) in Tamarin Bay! This species is usually only seen at depths greater than 1000m, and has not previously been seen so close to shore….

13 Oct 2010

Double Trouble at Khulula

Khulula has just had an exciting new arrival: Bobby the white rhino calf. Bobby was found in a private wildlife reserve near the Swaziland border….

06 Oct 2010

Babies From The Bush

Hand rearing and rehabilitation of wild animals is, at times, necessary to ensure their survival. To do this requires a detailed knowledge of their dietary and habitat requirements, as well as an understanding and ability to adapt those requirements to a captive condition….

08 Sep 2010

August 2010 Game Ranger participants study hyenas

It’s definitely not all classroom grind on the Game Ranger Guide Course! The participants in the August course got stuck into the exciting life of a game ranger….

11 Aug 2010

Moholoholo’s Newest arrivals - Furry, growling, mischievous and in need of a lot of love and care!

The staff and volunteers at Moholoholo are used to receiving urgent phone calls, asking them to come and take in injured or orphaned animals….

11 Aug 2010

Treating An Elephants Ear Infection at Shimongwe

Volunteers at Shimongwe Kwa-Zulu Veterinary Experience assisted the wildlife veterinarian Dr Masterson treating a tame elephant’s ear infection, Rambo who lives at Bayete Zulu….

03 Aug 2010

Playing Hide And Seek With Elephants at Tuli

Volunteers at the Tuli Conservation Project spend most of their days monitoring the wildlife in the stunning Tuli block….

02 Aug 2010

Veterinary Work With Rare Sable Antelope and Buffalo, followed by an Emergency Caesarian Operation

Sable antelope are very valuable animals and are therefore actively managed and bred on game farms. There is never a dull moment at Dr Kriel’s Shimongwe Limpopo Veterinary Experience as these aspiring vet students found out….

16 Jun 2010

Young Giraffe Requires Constant Care at Khulula Wild Care

Duke, a baby giraffe, came to Khulula Wildlife Care at just a few hours old. Found on a neighbouring farm, he was abandoned by his mother, who has unfortunately abandoned a number of young in the past….

16 Jun 2010

World Cup Celebrating South African Style

Volunteers working at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience with Dr Masterson, based near Hluhluwe, have got into the World Cup Spirit, with rhino calf feeding taking on a more colourful approach with painted faces and donning the national team colours! Recent volunteer Alexander Burrows from Canada, spent 4 weeks with Dr Masterson said on his …

27 May 2010

Introducing Hanchi Conservation Project's Herd

Meet the horses that are part of the crew at the Hanchi Conservation Project: Kalahari Kalahari is a cob cross gelding of 4 yrs old and 15….

16 Apr 2010

First sightings of the migrating Southern Right Whale made my DWRC

The southern right whale is an endangered species with the total population estimated at around 12,000….

07 Apr 2010

Predator work updates from the bush...

Volunteering at Zingela Conservation Project, recent volunteers share some of their diary entries with us….

30 Mar 2010

New Focus for Nholwasi Community Project for 2010!

The programme focuses on hands-on environmental education amongst the youth in the Hoedspruit and Acornhoek areas….

04 Feb 2010

Baby Sperm Whale at Mauritius

Our volunteer, Kirsty, updates us on life at Mauritius and working with a distressed baby sperm whale….

04 Feb 2010

Marine volunteers see 18 Sperm whales, while over 40 Spinner dolphins keep the research team busy

200th Boat Trip – Seeing 18 sperm whales! “I had an amazing day today, we went out on the boat and saw 18 sperm whales as they were travelling North….

04 Feb 2010

Vervet Monkey Martin arrives at Tambotie

Tambotie Wildlife Care Centre has received a new addition, a baby monkey called Martin! He was found by a local who looked after Martin for a short while before handing him over to the centre where he could be looked after full time by the volunteers….

29 Oct 2009

Rhino hand rearing and rehabilitation for Shimongwe volunteers!

Wildlife vet Dr Masterson from our Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Project now has his own zoo license to enable the care and hand raising of 2 orphan baby rhinos at the volunteer accommodation….

29 Oct 2009

White and Black Rhino Success at Phinda!

The black rhino declined drastically in the 1970s and 1980s due to poaching. To prevent extinction, many rhinos were translocated to fenced sanctuaries in the early 1990s….

22 Jul 2009

Save the seahorse and a new township project!

Although the main part of the programme at the DWRC is to give you the opportunity to take part and learn research techniques, there is also a community aspect and volunteers can now be a part of the development of a new township project….

22 Jul 2009

Abandoned rhino Thabo cared for by ACE volunteer

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking at our Rhino Conservation Projects in Africa Thabo came into Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre as a severely emaciated young two week old rhino, from one of the North West Parks Board reserves, so young he still had remnants of his umbilical cord attached….

22 Jul 2009

10 whales breach for the DWRC volunteer researchers!

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking into our Marine Conservation Projects in Africa….

22 May 2009

April 2009 Game Ranger Course provides fantastic sightings and a high pass rate!

The recent game ranger course was a great success with the group seeing a huge variety of species in their natural habitat including not one, not two, but three leopards, herds of elephant, buffalo and rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and zebra….

18 Nov 2008

New arrivals at Moholoholo!

There have been some exciting new arrivals at Moholoholo. The breeding season is in full swing out in South Africa, and the first of the season’s injured and orphaned animals have begun to arrive at the centre….

24 Oct 2008

Action-packed day at Moholoholo

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking into our Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Projects in Africa….

24 Oct 2008

First giraffe seen on the Tuli project for 100 years!

Known for its elephant population, the giraffe had not been seen at Tuli for over 100 years. Which is why reports of spore sightings were treated a little skeptically at first….

24 Oct 2008

ACE students making a real difference

Real progress has been seen on our community project, where ACE students have been renovating accomodation at a local orphanage….

07 May 2008

Game monitoring at Hanchi

Report by Charlie Bullen, game monitoring and behaviour Location: Water hole Date: Tuesday 4th February 2008 Start: 12:30 Finish: 17:00 Weather: Hot and sunny The first water hole count of the year at Hanchi was a successful one, sighting many giraffe and warthog, as well as viewing many birds….

03 Apr 2008

Amazing Leopard sighting!

Volunteers watch a Leopard Kill at Tuli It was an hour or so after sunrise on Friday March 28th and without a cloud in the sky it was already beginning to get hot….

29 Jan 2008

Huge Crocodile caught on camera!

Incredible sighting of a croc catching an impala! Eye witness account – Cat Carr Subsequent to watching “The Last Feast of the Crocodiles”, all the students on the Tuli project looked at the Limpopo River flowing beside camp in a different light….

29 Jan 2008

White Chacma Baboon!

Snowball – The White Baboon of Tuli It was an early start on the 1st May 2007 for the students on the Tuli Conservation Project….

14 Dec 2007

Treating Rare Black Rhino on the Shimongwe Project

Tucked away in the Limpopo district in the north-east region of South Africa lays the small town of Ellisras, home to the Shimongwe Wildlife Project run by African Conservation Experience (www….

01 Jun 2007

Snow in Plettenbery Bay!

Greetings from a cold and wintry Plett! We have survived the snow and the hail and the Southern right whales are on their way….

25 May 2007

Humpfree moves to new pastures!

Following a difficult start in life, Humpfree the “baby” hippo has now grown to a young bull and was certainly making his presence known at Moholoholo! Being an orphan and hand reared from a young age through illness, Humpfree was lucky to have many doting volunteers to care for him through his young life….

04 Jan 2007

Tuli Newsletter

Tuli Conservation Project Newsletter November – December 2006 Its has been another busy month for the project and the reserve has changed substantially in the past month also….

14 Dec 2006

Seal pups, Strandings and Fundraising!

Greetings and Salutations friends! The last time this update came out we were busy planning and organising the fundraiser….

01 Dec 2006

International Research at Tuli

A stakeholder review of the Limpopo-Shashe Transfrontier Conservation Area, southern Africa, as a tool to promote and improve adaptive management Anne Treasure I was lucky enough to spend two fantastic nights at the Tuli Conservation Project in Botswana in July 2006….

03 Oct 2006

Latest news from the Whale and Dolphin Centre

Common Dolphins On a particularly rough 15th August, a fairly ordinary boat trip took a turn for the considerable better when a call came out from another Ocean Blue boat that a number of common dolphins had been sighted in the bay….

22 May 2006

Newsletter from the Whale and Dolphin Centre

Hi all! Greetings from the Whale and Dolphin Research Centre… Hope you are all well…..huge apologies for not getting in touch sooner but things are slightly hectic around here!!!! We have four volunteers at the moment but with Jesse coming back next week, a new student arriving on Thursday and three new volunteers expected next Monday….

12 Apr 2006

News from the Whale and Dolphin Centre!

Before going to university, I wanted to travel and to have a gap year experience. While looking on the Internet I found the Whale and Dolphin Research Centre based in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa and was instantly caught….

23 Feb 2006

New Arrival at Moholoholo

Humpfree is thought to have been born on the 3 January 2006 in Hazyview, Mpumalanga Province of RSA….

04 Jan 2006

1st Reports from Tuli!

Introduction: The Tuli conservation project is an opportunity to learn about and record data on the general wildlife and day to day environment of the Kwa-Tuli area, with specific reference to elephant and leopard numbers….

09 Aug 2005

Latest Ranger Course Report

A long awaited group from Johannesburg international Airport arrives at about 16h30 in Hoedspriut on a bus that has been traveling for most of the day….

22 Dec 2004

Tales from the Bush!

Well, here we are again, face to face with the reality that Africa is the most awesome continent since the separation of Gondwanaland! Roughing it was the emphasis of this years outing with bucket showers and open fire cooking….


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