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12 Jan 2017

Volunteer with African animals and make 2017 your most memorable yet

If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, you might have considered an extravagant trip around the globe, swimming with dolphins or eating at some of the world’s top restaurants, but you might not have considered volunteering with animals in Africa….

12 Dec 2014

Heeding the Call - Reflections from the Game Ranger's Course

Who has not dreamed of sneaking through the tall grass of the African savannah, the sun slowly dipping below the burning horizon, looking for the mysterious troop of lions you heard calling in the night? I held this dream with me ever since I was a child….

18 Apr 2013

Knowing the difference between a lion track and a cheetah's

As keen conservationists, Gary and Matt Franklin were looking for a wildlife trip with a difference – definitely not your average safari….

06 Sep 2011

Bistro to Bush - A winning ticket....

Simone Landers, the winner of African Conservation Experience’s recent “Game Ranger Guide Course Competition”, tells the tale of her journey from being a bistro waitress to going to the bush to learn all about the life of a game ranger in South Africa….

08 Sep 2010

August 2010 Game Ranger participants study hyenas

It’s definitely not all classroom grind on the Game Ranger Guide Course! The participants in the August course got stuck into the exciting life of a game ranger….

29 Oct 2009

Story of my Sabbatical in the bush

“The Game Ranger course was brilliant. There were six of us, five guys and one girl. Ages ranged from 18 to 50+ ….

22 May 2009

April 2009 Game Ranger Course provides fantastic sightings and a high pass rate!

The recent game ranger course was a great success with the group seeing a huge variety of species in their natural habitat including not one, not two, but three leopards, herds of elephant, buffalo and rhino, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and zebra….

18 Nov 2008

The first tracker course was a great success!

The brand new tracker course ran for the first time in October 08, and proved to be a great success! It was a challenging experience for all involved, but the great news is that everyone managed to get a great deal from the experience, with some impressive wildlife to be seen and amazing knowledge to be shared! Stuart, who runs the course was a …

26 Sep 2007

Elephant close-encounters on the Ranger Courses

My time on the Game Ranger Guide Course Thursday 5th July 2007 Today I woke up at 6.20am with the exciting thought of going elephant tracking!  As soon as Johan arrived just after 7am we left in the Land Rover and made a very long journey near the mountains very far west to the edge of the reserve….

30 Jul 2007

Ode to Johann!

Ode to Johann “We came here just two weeks ago You taught us lots of what you know We never thought we’d smell the poo Of hyaena, lion, and gnu You told us giraffe hunt impala with ease Of hippo who climb and nest in trees! Your stories made us laugh, it’s true Which were just tales?…

26 Oct 2006

Elephants in the Night!

An Unforgettable Sleep-Out October’s Ranger Course has been one that I will not want to forget ever in my life! It has truly been an amazing 2 weeks spent in the African bush with wild animals and has made me realize where we humans fit into the greater scheme of life….

09 Aug 2005

Latest Ranger Course Report

A long awaited group from Johannesburg international Airport arrives at about 16h30 in Hoedspriut on a bus that has been traveling for most of the day….

23 Mar 2005

Dreams Come True in Africa

DREAMS COME TRUE IN AFRICA A hot day with much traveling, excitement and the unknown of the African bush awaits the students that are to partake in African Conservation Experience’s Game Ranger Course….

22 Dec 2004

Tales from the Bush!

Well, here we are again, face to face with the reality that Africa is the most awesome continent since the separation of Gondwanaland! Roughing it was the emphasis of this years outing with bucket showers and open fire cooking….


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