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15 Jul 2019

Our Experience with Animal Planet’s Vet Gone Wild

Animal Planet wanted a location in South Africa for one of their Vet Gone Wild episodes, featuring veterinarian Dr….

29 May 2013

Hanchi Reflections

The best view in the world – in my opinion at least – is that through a horse’s ears! Surely every horse rider has at some point indulged the fantasy of riding through the African bush and seeing wild animals in their natural habitat from horseback….

23 Nov 2010

Wildlife Conservation at Hanchi

From swimming with the herd of horses at Hanchi to seeing cheetahs hunting up close and watching giraffes at sunset, it’s been an exciting couple of months at the Hanchi Conservation Project! Caracal Sightings Volunteers that were out tracking hyenas were also lucky enough to catch glimpses of the rarely seen caracal this month….

19 Oct 2010

Catch Of The Day

It’s been a busy season for the Game Capture Team! The work of this group of specialists and the volunteers that lend hands-on support is notoriously unpredictable: They travel across the country, working at many different sites and with a wide variety of wildlife species….

27 May 2010

Introducing Hanchi Conservation Project's Herd

Meet the horses that are part of the crew at the Hanchi Conservation Project: Kalahari Kalahari is a cob cross gelding of 4 yrs old and 15….

24 Oct 2007

Leopard Caught by Mistake at Hanchi!

HYENA TRAP REPORT Hyenas are a constant night-time fixture on Ridgeway Farm (the reserve that the Hanchi Project operates on)….

02 Apr 2007

Hands-on work with Game Capture

My African Game Capture Experience – By James Cook I wish we could convey exactly what we experienced when on game capture, unfortunately an editorial of things we did and places we went cannot do the experience justice….


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