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02 Sep 2022

Rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release

20 Sep 2019

Win a one-week trip to the world's largest rhino sanctuary in South Africa!

One lucky winner will receive a one-week placement on our Care for Wild Africa project! Included in this prize is your accommodation, all meals, airport transfers and 24/7 in-country support….

19 Sep 2018

Getting Involved In The Race To Save The Rhino

Our Rhino Conservation Experience puts volunteers at the heart of the struggle to protect and conserve rhino populations in Southern Africa….

14 Jun 2018

Orphaned Rhino Calf Gets a New Lease of Life

African Conservation Experience’s rhino orphanage project, Care for Wild, welcomed a new arrival last week from the Kruger National Park….

18 Oct 2016

Scientific study of rehabilitation prospects for orphaned rhino at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Nobody wants wild animals to end up in wildlife rehabilitation centres, sanctuaries or zoos. In an ideal world they should live out their lives in the wild….

13 May 2016

Wildlife Relocation Success at Chipangali

A few weeks ago we posted about how the team from the Chipangali Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre were involved in various wildlife capture & relocation missions- including the team trapping two serval cats who got on the wrong side of a local farmer by preying on his geese….

22 Apr 2016

Bulawayo’s Animal Rescue Heroes!

Mammals, reptiles, birds, Chipangali care about all of them! Here’s an update of their heartwarming success stories from the last couple of months:…

21 Apr 2016

New baby rhino arrives at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Another baby rhino arrived at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary last weekend. Gunshots were heard near one of the gates to Kruger National Park on Saturday night and rangers found the carcass of a female rhino, butchered by poachers….

05 Feb 2016

Leopard Cubs At Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

About ten days ago two leopard cubs were brought to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre by members of the Parks Board….

16 Jan 2016


The team at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage spent the festive season doing plenty of good deeds, as they took in one orphaned animal after another! First arrival was a little bushpig just before Christmas….

12 Nov 2015

Wild Dogs at Care for Wild!

Care For Wild opened its gates to a couple of very exciting temporary residents last week: A pair of female Wild Dogs….

28 Oct 2015

Lions in Wildlife Rehabilitation Projects - No Blood on our Hands

The recent release of the documentary “Blood Lions” has put the spotlight on breeding predators for the sake of trophy hunting….

06 Oct 2015

Hanging out with Hippos

Joining the Khulula Care for Wild project is hard work: Many past participants will testify to busy days, rising at 6 am for the first feeding round before your own breakfast (if you were lucky enough not to have drawn the short straw for the 2 am feed of the rhino orphans!), being on your feet for most of the day, carrying buckets full of water …

11 Sep 2015

A break from the corporate world

The days are getting colder and shorter, the winter blues are approaching… For many, that might be enough to start day dreaming of a career breakn – or the very least, a nice long trip away….

14 Aug 2014

Wild Gap Year

“In my last year of secondary school was when I had to make the big decision, do I jump into a college course or, do I take a gap year and do what I’ve always wanted- work with wildlife! I discovered African Conservation Experience in September 2012 while attending the Higher Options event in the RDS, Dublin….

25 Jul 2013

Meeting Moholoholo's Residents

An Experience of a Lifetime By Alanna McTaggart Moholoholo’s slogan is “Experience of a Lifetime” and my experience was definitely a once in a lifetime experience….

23 Jul 2013

Lionheart: My Experience at Khulula Care for Wild

By Kimberly Hightower I wake to the sound of Mr. Crow pecking at my window, saying his own name over and over as if in attempts to rouse me for the full day ahead….

21 May 2013

A bandit stole my heart

Lucy Marris Re-lives some of her experiences at Chipangali from 2012 This article was written by Lucy Marris back in 2012 when she travelled with us, visiting some of our African Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Projects….

14 Mar 2012

Male Leopard Relocated to Matopos

With the help from the team at Mpumelelo Wildllife Orphanage and Research Centre a male leopard was recently captured to avoid the hunting and killing of livestock on a farm in the Shangani area of Zimbabwe….

26 Oct 2011

The New Face of WWF South Africa

Past ACE volunteer Erin and black rhino Della help raise funds for World Wildlife Fund! Past volunteer Erin Prigmore, now working at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, and 20 month old black rhino calf Della recently had a photo shoot to become the face of WWF South Africa in a bid to raise funds for rhino conservation! Even though Della is used …

25 Oct 2011

Leopard Relocation to Malawi

Volunteers at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre have been busy this last month, relocating two leopard to Majete Wildlife Reserve, situated in Malawi’s lower Shire valley….

11 Aug 2011

Volunteer Diary: Mark Atkinson discovers his African Dream

“I have always cared passionately about conservation and the environment. I remember some years ago watching the ‘Elephant Diaries’ on TV and thinking that’s for me! I had always wanted to go to South Africa, so I did my research and booked my trip to Khulula Wild Care….

04 Jul 2011

Money troubles, Monkey Mischief and Mothering a Rhino

A volunteer’s journey to a Wildlife Care Centre in South Africa “My name is Dionne Smith. I recently travelled to South Africa through African Conservation Experience….

17 Jun 2011

A Cloud's Silver Lining

At 1am on 14th June, 3 month old white rhino calf, Lunar, arrived at Khulula Wild Care after a traumatic few days….

21 Apr 2011

Sleeping under the stars with a baby rhino - My unforgettable African Conservation Experience

“I never thought that I would have felt so at home after travelling alone over 5000 miles away from where I live in England, but at Khulula Wild Care, I did….

18 Jan 2011

The Sounds of Moholoholo

The early morning starts with the excited laugh of two spotted hyenas named Shadow and Shade; within minutes the epic roars of the lion Big Boy can be heard across Moholoholo and finally Chui the leopard’s coughs are heard….

24 Nov 2010

Baby Boom at Khulula & The Rumbles of Young Footsteps

The hand rearing season at Khulula is in full swing as orphaned animals and young are joining the centre at a rate faster than anyone expected so early in the season! In the last couple of weeks alone, Khulula has taken under its wing two baby genet cats, a young banded mongoose, a very young grey duiker, 3 baby vervet monkeys and a thick tailed …

20 Oct 2010

Elephant Encounters at Moholoholo

One of the most challenging aspects of volunteering at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is the emotional and often challenging conditions in which an animal arrives at the centre….

13 Oct 2010

Double Trouble at Khulula

Khulula has just had an exciting new arrival: Bobby the white rhino calf. Bobby was found in a private wildlife reserve near the Swaziland border….

12 Oct 2010

All things big and small ...

Warning: Old Article! This very old article is no longer relevant. If you’ve managed to find yourself here – you might rather look at our African Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Projects, or start fresh from some more recent articles….

06 Oct 2010

Babies From The Bush

Hand rearing and rehabilitation of wild animals is, at times, necessary to ensure their survival. To do this requires a detailed knowledge of their dietary and habitat requirements, as well as an understanding and ability to adapt those requirements to a captive condition….

11 Aug 2010

Moholoholo’s Newest arrivals - Furry, growling, mischievous and in need of a lot of love and care!

The staff and volunteers at Moholoholo are used to receiving urgent phone calls, asking them to come and take in injured or orphaned animals….

16 Jun 2010

Young Giraffe Requires Constant Care at Khulula Wild Care

Duke, a baby giraffe, came to Khulula Wildlife Care at just a few hours old. Found on a neighbouring farm, he was abandoned by his mother, who has unfortunately abandoned a number of young in the past….

30 Mar 2010

Baby Black Rhino Is Rescued!

At 4 weeks old she arrived on the 21 February 2010 which fell on the last Sunday of the month. Sunday is normally a day of down time for volunteers… except when the unexpected happens! Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre received a call from a nearby game park to say that they had received reports from visitors that there was a rhino calf …

04 Feb 2010

Vervet Monkey Martin arrives at Tambotie

Tambotie Wildlife Care Centre has received a new addition, a baby monkey called Martin! He was found by a local who looked after Martin for a short while before handing him over to the centre where he could be looked after full time by the volunteers….

22 Jul 2009

Abandoned rhino Thabo cared for by ACE volunteer

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking at our Rhino Conservation Projects in Africa Thabo came into Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre as a severely emaciated young two week old rhino, from one of the North West Parks Board reserves, so young he still had remnants of his umbilical cord attached….

18 Nov 2008

New arrivals at Moholoholo!

There have been some exciting new arrivals at Moholoholo. The breeding season is in full swing out in South Africa, and the first of the season’s injured and orphaned animals have begun to arrive at the centre….

24 Oct 2008

Action-packed day at Moholoholo

Old Article Alert You might be more interested in looking into our Wildlife Care & Rehabilitation Projects in Africa….

25 May 2007

Humpfree moves to new pastures!

Following a difficult start in life, Humpfree the “baby” hippo has now grown to a young bull and was certainly making his presence known at Moholoholo! Being an orphan and hand reared from a young age through illness, Humpfree was lucky to have many doting volunteers to care for him through his young life….

11 Apr 2007

Ntandande the Baby Rhino thrives at Moholoholo!

I came home from Africa with 600 pictures… HALF were of a baby rhino at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre where I was volunteering! We called him “Rhino Baby” or “Baby Rhino” for a long time, depending on who was calling him….

23 Feb 2006

New Arrival at Moholoholo

Humpfree is thought to have been born on the 3 January 2006 in Hazyview, Mpumalanga Province of RSA….


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