BLOG June 6, 2016

Concerns about Terror Threat in South Africa - Staying Safe

Various news outlets have broadcast that there is an increased threat from terrorism in South Africa. The FCO Travel Advice states that “There is a high threat from terrorism. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners such as shopping areas in Johannesburg and Cape Town.” (6 June 2016)

As a measure of precaution, the African Conservation Experience will not take conservation travellers to the popular Rosebank Curio Market until further notice. All of our partner conservation project are located several hundred miles away from Johannesburg and Cape Town. You will be staying in remote locations and private wildlife reserves, thereby reducing the risk of being in densely populated locations, which are considered to be the most likely target. Shopping trips from the projects occur on a weekly basis, but the shopping areas frequented are in smaller, rural towns. All travellers with the African Conservation Experience will be advised about the risks and can opt not to participate in any shopping trips.

We understand that there is residual risk in travelling through a busy international airport like Oliver R Tambo airport in Johannesburg. As a routine matter of operations we minimise time spent at the airport, allowing only enough time to ensure flight connections are met. All travellers are met in person and depart to their chosen project the same day.

Please do call us to discuss any concerns you have about your travels.


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