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Game Ranger Course - Winner Announced!

Yes, we do have a lucky winner!

Meet Simone Landers from South Africa:

“I am 22 and I recently graduated from Rhodes University in Grahamstown with a degree in journalism, specialising in photography.

"I have always been an outdoor person and very involved in conservation, always telling my mother, 'Don’t step on the ants! They’re God”s creatures.'

"It was not until my second year at university that I was really able to get involved with my passion for animal rights and environmental conservation when I joined a fantastic society called ROAR (Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights). I can honestly say that this society moulded my character and is a huge contributor for who I am today. University is really the only time in your life when you get to discover who you are and express your beliefs to the fullest. Anti fur and leather strikes, SPCA dog walks, rowdy 'don’t go to zoos and seaworld' parties, and amidst the chaos, studying photojournalism, where I decided that one day I will be a conservation and wild life photographer.

"Upon leaving university, I made countless applications to study game ranging and had my heart set on training at Tala Game Reserve. Most of the courses I was accepted to were too expensive and unfortunately my Tala application was rejected.

"I came home disappointed but open minded and began a volunteering position with the Kloof and Highway SPCA assisting in projects and poster design, the objective of course to be around the animals.

"Applying for this position was a complete shot in the dark for me, but I went for it anyway considering I am now back in Durban, (not the best place in the world), and a waitress, (definitely not my dream job but it pays the bills). I am so excited to be given this opportunity and cannot wait to learn from this experience and especially to give back from what I learn. I am most excited to meet people who share my passion for the outdoors and to take photographs, lots of photographs, (I may need some extra memory cards).“