BLOG March 14, 2012

Male Leopard Relocated to Matopos


With the help from the team at Mpumelelo Wildllife Orphanage and Research Centre a male leopard was recently captured to avoid the hunting and killing of livestock on a farm in the Shangani area of Zimbabwe.

As this is the main area of conflict between predators and the local community, captures and relocation such as this prevent animals such as leopards from being shot.

Leopard immobilised for relocation

After being caught in a trap the leopard was relocated to the Matapos National Park, where he was then darted and immobilised to have any wounds attended to. He was also fitted with a radio collar and measured from head to foot so the park rangers can identify and keep an eye on him.

Fitting of radio collar for locating leopard

Measuring leopard length

Leopard canine tooth measurement

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