BLOG July 25, 2013

Meeting Moholoholo's Residents

An Experience of a Lifetime

By Alanna McTaggart

Moholoholo’s slogan is “Experience of a Lifetime” and my experience was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. My time at Moholoholo allowed me to hand feed a blind wood owl called Woody and to meet the nicest serval called Emma. I volunteered at Moholoholo for 3 weeks in June and those weeks just flew by so quickly.

I went to Moholoholo not really knowing what path I wanted to take now that I have finished school, but after being able to get up close to the two lionesses, I then realised what I want to study. I was given the opportunity to be able to really look at the lionesses up close while they were sedated.

After a short time of being at Moholoholo you start to see the personalities of some of the wildlife there, and one especially takes everyones heart and that is the personality of the resident female Leopard called Delilah who loves the company of the volunteers that come and just sit with her. I was also lucky enough to get the chance to get up close with her as well.

delilah leopard


There was one character that could always put a smile on anyones faces and that was Melmin the baby Giraffe. Some mornings during rounds you would watch her chase the two baby sables around, or if it’s feeding time, the way she carries on after she has been feed and there is no more milk. She is also one inquisitive Giraffe and always wants attention.

Baby Sable


The little Sable terrorised by Melmin

For me there were two little animals that captured my heart as soon as I met them and they were the two small Bush Babies called Squishy Bum and Mr Podder. I was fortunate enough to look after them for a period of time and looking after them was such a joy.

Ollie the Baby Rhino also captured the heart of many volunteers at Moholoholo. There is one last little fella that everyone loved and that is Zoro the baby serval.

Ollie the Rhino

Feeding Ollie

Zoro the Serval being cute


Zoro the Serval being cute

He definitely loved his feathers and was always up for a play whenever you sat with him. That was unless he was sleeping. If he was sleeping it was nice to enjoy his company. By far the funniest animal that is at Moholoholo is Winey, a crow. Especially when she mimics people and it gets to a point where it is had to tell if it is a person talking or it is her. There were countless times in which I could hear her in the morning during rounds.

The three lion cubs were always fun especially when we take them on walks or take them to breakfast with us, even though they choose to overtake you in the most inconvenient of places on the pathway. There was never a dull moment whilst I was at Moholoholo and I am very keen to go back because I guess there is something about going to sleep with the sound of Hyenas making noise right outside your room.

Lion cub on the way to breakfast


Lion cub on the way to breakfast

It is also hard to miss the smile Luma (the hyena) makes at you when you call his name. There are so many animals that have made an impression on me whilst being at Moholoholo and I will definitely miss my little follower Pixie the Grey duiker especially when she would follow me at night up to the clinic to feed the bush babies. Making friends with people that share the same passion as you is definitely a plus, I met so many people that I became close with during my stay at Moholoholo. My experience at Moholoholo was definitely an Experience of Lifetime.


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