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Phinda Wildlife Research Project: 28 November - 12 December 2023*  

Hanchi Horseback Safari Experience

Predator work updates from the bush...

Zingela Predator Conservation Project is ideal if you have a real interest in conservation of cheetah and the elusive leopard, working tirelessly to change the habitat use in this region to protect these vulnerable and stunning predators.

If you are passionate about horses, you can combine this project while working at Hanchi Conservation Project working with rare sable and roan antelope from horseback.

Volunteering at Zingela Conservation Project, recent volunteers share some of their diary entries with us…


Today we tracked a female cheetah on foot and it turned into an unexpected surprise! As we approached, she broke cover and charged to warn us off…she had given birth to 3 cubs. We watched her for a few minutes as she tended to her cubs and then we left her. The rush of adrenaline as she charged and then the elation when we saw the cubs will never be forgotten!


We went out to track cheetah for the afternoon but everything changed when we spotted a young leopard on the dam wall. As we watched the leopard a female warthog and piglets came over the dam wall and the leopard chased after them. We could hear the kill happen. The bush was too thick to see any more but it was still amazing to be a part of…


In a single night drive we saw 2 aardvark, a cheetah, a porcupine, bat-eared foxes and a genet. We also had a glimpse of a brown hyena.

Anthony, Zingela and Hanchi Conservation Project Coordinator

An amazing night drive! we found an aardwolf on the airstrip which was happy to let us approach within 10 meters. We stayed with it for 20 minutes when we saw a brown hyena approaching from the other side of the airstrip. Finally the aardwolf ran off as the brown hyena walked in front of us. Both the brown hyena and the aardwolf sightings were absolutely amazing as both are rare to see and very shy. We were able to watch them from very close range


We headed out early in the morning to track a cheetah on foot. As we got close to her we could hear a lot noise and commotion in her direction. A large troop of baboons was making a racket and we sped up to try and ensure the baboons didn’t attack the cheetah were tracking. After the baboons ran off as we arrived we saw the cheetah on a fresh impala kill! she allowed us to sit within 5 meters of her as she ate. We left her a few hours later still on the kill. The whole thing was amazing as we were on foot the entire time.