Gabby: Close-up of a baby rhino

Rhino hand rearing and rehabilitation for Shimongwe volunteers!

Wildlife vet Dr Masterson from our Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Project now has his own zoo license to enable the care and hand raising of 2 orphan baby rhinos at the volunteer accommodation. The latest addition was baby Nyoni back in July who arrived very stunted and as wild as a lion at just 6 weeks old. She was born premature and had no sucking reflex so would have had no milk from her mum at all surviving on just dry grass and dew since day one! Thanks to the help of our ACE volunteers teaching her how to drink milk through daily feeds every 4 hours, she is now healthy and strong. Nyoni responded well to her new parents following in the steps of baby Umkombe who arrived very malnourished last spring and has now made a full recovery.