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Phinda Wildlife Research Project: 28 November - 12 December 2023*  

Group of students in the water monitoring seahorses

Save the seahorse and a new township project!

Although the main part of the programme at the DWRC is to give you the opportunity to take part and learn research techniques, there is also a community aspect and volunteers can now be a part of the development of a new township project. This is a fantastic new focus for the DWRC and volunteers as well as the local community since volunteers will go into the local town and give talks about the work of the DWRC with the aim of increasing community awareness. This will also involve working with local school children to carry out beach clean-ups and activities, learn about the wildlife and conserve their local marine environment. A great way of connecting our volunteers and the community with their environment in a positive way!

Save the seahorse!

This is a group dedicated to saving the Knysna seahorse from habitat loss. Only in the estuaries of Knynsa along the South African coastline does the endemic seahorse occur. Every week, volunteers at the DWRC can now get really involved with this project by working together to plant new vegetation while snorkelling. This will also involve underwater clean-ups and aims to conserve their numbers by restoring the seahorses’ only habitat.