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Accommodation and food

What type of accommodation do you provide?

Our accommodation varies from location to location but, in general, you could describe it as basic yet comfortable. We’ll discuss the details of your accommodation with you during our telephone consultation, after which we can also provide you with photos and other information.

Will I have WiFi?

Some of our locations in Africa have internet and WiFi. But please don’t expect the same levels of connectivity as you enjoy at home. Even where internet is available, the service can often be quite slow and intermittent.

Can I phone people back home?

If you bring an unlocked mobile phone, you can get a South African SIM card when you arrive at Johannesburg airport. We’ll even take you to a nearby phone shop so you don’t have to search for one when you arrive. However, please bear in mind that most projects are in remote locations where mobile phone signal is limited.

Is food included?

Yes. Our experiences are inclusive of all your meals. Mealtimes are often very sociable affairs, bringing together travellers and professional conservation workers to talk about their experiences and share stories. Depending on which experience you choose, you may also have the chance to cook together with some of your fellow travellers.

I’m vegetarian/vegan/have a food intolerance. Can you cater for this?

All our locations can cater for vegetarians. But most struggle to provide a fully vegan or gluten-free diet. If you’re happy to plan ahead and bring a supply of your own food, it’s usually possible to find a solution to pretty much any dietary requirement.

If you have any diet-related questions you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch to chat about your options.

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