Groups & Field Trips

African Conservation Experience organise tailored group placements focussing on specific conservation projects or courses. Whether you are a lecturer looking for a field experience for your students, a society with a special conservation interest  or an employer seeking to motivate your staff with a meaningful adventure - we’d love to put together an experience for you.

Volunteer Group at a Conservation Project

“Absolutely, totally incredible!  I know that I have 10 students whose lives have been changed and several of those can't wait to return.  The content of the trip was more than met my expectations.  Tuli was the best.  The two weeks spent there was a learning experience that the students and I will never forget.” Dr Lou Rebar, University of Edinboro

How an ACE Field Trip works

Every field trip that we organised is tailored. Our approach to putting together a field trip is collaborative: We will have a discussion with you as to what your group’s particular interests and abilities are and what you are hoping to get out of the trip. Based on that, we’ll work out the exact programme for you.

The one thing that we’d like to see is an interest in wildlife and conservation. We are more than happy to incorporate other elements such as community service or a cultural experience as well, but if you are working with ACE for your field trip, wildlife should be the main theme - It’s what we do best!

We also pride ourselves on exceptional service. You’ll find ACE to be quite heavily involved in your field trip - from helping you recruit participants to arranging insurance, meeting you on arrival and being available throughout your time in Africa.

Field Trip Inspirations

Wildlife Monitoring and Biodiversity Studies

Several international colleges and universities have headed into the African bush in Botswana and South Africa to experience wildlife up close. Their programmes have included biodiversity studies, general wildlife surveys, practical conservation work and field research techniques. We can incorporate modules led by the coordinating faculty or bring in experts for certain topics.

Wildlife Veterinary Experience

We have teamed up a number of international veterinary medicine and pre-vet student groups from the US, Caribbean and Canada with wildlife vets in South Africa. On these trips you’ll have the chance to be involved in a range of wildlife veterinary procedures and gain a real insight into the work of a wildlife vet.

Save the Rhino Field Trip

Rhino poaching is one of the most acute conservation threats in South Africa, so we were very excited to work with an international school in putting together a “Save The Rhino” field trip. The students lent much needed support on poaching prevention patrols, sponsored new monitoring equipment and even darted a rhino to fit the new tracking collar.

South Africa Eco Tour

Embarking on a field trip in South Africa doesn’t mean it has to be all work and no play! An “Eco Tour” combines fascinating conservation work with some of the best wildlife viewing South Africa has to offer. You’ll get hands-on experience at a wildlife welfare centre and a reptile park, monitor free roaming lions in the Mapungubwe Private Nature Reserve and enjoy game drives in Kruger National Park

Have it Your Way

The above are just examples of previous field trip formats to give you an overview of the different directions a field trip can take. Please do talk to us about any ideas you have for your group - as long as it’s linked to wildlife conservation, we’ll do our best to incorporate it.