Inspiring Chances

Want to be inspired? This is your chance...

to go much further

to make a difference

to make a lasting impact

to make a sustainable change

to make a valuable contribution

Create Twice the Benefit by volunteering during the quieter seasons:

Our conservation projects run throughout the year, which means they need volunteers year round. That is where you come in. By taking a placement during the months of October through to March, you will be contributing time, effort and resources to the projects when they really need them. You will be a part of something special, whilst making a huge difference to conservation where your support is most needed.

Our current "Inspiring Chances" include;

The Greenhouse Project in Botswana

Current Dates: 18-30 August 2014

If your placement at the Botswana Eco Wilderness Project coincides with these dates, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a very special project.

Monitoring the elephants in the Tuli Block is part of the core activities at the Legodimo camp, and one that everybody enjoys. We love our elephants and the amazing sightings we have! It is undeniable though that elephants have the potential to be very destructive to a habitat. Due to the local settlements encroaching on the natural migration patterns of the Tuli elephants, their movements have been concentrated on certain areas - and within those areas they have had a detrimental impact on native tree species like Mopani and Acacia. The scarcity of Acacie trees in turn means that giraffe populations have declined sharply. 

The team of Legodimo Wilderness have struggled valiantly to grow native tree species in their own greenhouse, with the hope of replanting them in the damaged areas, but having only one greenhouse has proven to be not enough - especially since that greenhouse has been under attack from baboons, monkeys and birds - and the very elephants. 

The answer came from the nearby communities - a collaboration between conservation and community. The local communities of Bobonong and Mathathane have come on board and individual community members are providing suitable locations for new greenhouses within the communities, as well as pledging ongoing collaboration in looking after them. 

The Opportunity: Have an unforgettable volunteering experience while working alongside the local community!

There will be two special "Work Camps" when the greenhouses are being built. If you volunteer with the Botswana Wildlife Monitoring Project during these dates, you will be involved in the construction phase of the greenhouses, and a disting community experience. 

18-30 August Mathathane Greenhouse The greenhouse in Mathathane will be constructed on government land right in the centre of the village, next to a new "reading room". The greenhouse will be an opportunity for community members to learn about the indigenous plants of Botswana, why they are important and how to cultivate them.

Legodimo Wilderness will be running quarterly workshops annually on cultivation and the unique plant species of Botswana. Here we would like volunteers to get involved and bring a new perspective to the project. In any community local people sometimes need to see the enthusiasm and appreciation outsiders have for their heritage to truly understand the significance of what they have. With the completion of this greenhouse another cultural exchange opportunity will be arranged in the form of traditional food and entertainment.

If you are keen to join this amazing project, please apply online for the Botswana Eco Wilderness Project for the dates above.