NEW African Predator Course

NEW African Predator Course

3 February 2012

  • Management of captive predator populations
  • Parasites, diseases and vaccinations
  • Genetics and breeding strategies
An exciting addition to our courses, the 10 day Predator Course, directed and tutored by wildlife veterinarians, breeders and predator specialists; covers the management of captive cheetah and lion populations and other smaller predators.

Serval and caracal populations are discussed on the course

The course will run on the following dates:

10 - 19 June 2012

5 - 14 August 2012

The structured course will cover all aspects of captive predator management including enclosure design, nutrition, hand rearing, breeding programmes and introduction of breeding pairs, health of the species and veterinary immobilisation and handling. Please see our Predator Course page for a more detailed syllabus of the course and how you can join. Placements on the course are limited and will be available as per the application process. 

Lion breeding in captivity

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