Petra Jager

“I love building our team, ensuring that our organisation runs smoothly and working with driven people who all want to make a difference and contribute to worthwhile conservation initiatives. I find the environment we work in incredibly empowering; passion is commonplace, creativity is encouraged and collegiality is unifying.

My first contact with South Africa was when I went to live and work in Cape Town in 2005 to do Masters research on education in the townships. Besides the challenging environment I now was in, I also experienced an amazing culture and met incredible people. Having lived and worked in multicultural teams abroad (Sydney, Cape Town, London and Amsterdam), I am able to adapt quickly to new situations and cultures. This experience resulted in one of my drivers for working for ACE; enabling other people to experience meaningful and fun travel.

Africa’s wildlife is beautiful and unique. Having travelled extensively, and having lived in South Africa, as well as having two young children, I have come to realise how essential it is to conserve our natural wildernesses for future generations. I truly enjoy working for an organisation that combines wildlife conservation, travel, engagement with other cultures and making a difference by organising meaningful and life-changing experiences.”


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