Ruth Bowyer

“From the moment you make the decision to travel with ACE, I am here to assist you with the arrangements for your trip. From arranging international flights, to what to pack – I can advise you how to get the most from your experience. Having worked in travel for many years, I really value the importance of travel and experiencing different cultures and how that can benefit us as people, as well as the wildlife and communities that we work with. As a parent to a teenage daughter that has travelled extensively in Africa, Nepal & Japan, I am also very aware of the worries about long distance travel that family and friends might have and am always happy to chat through any concerns with parents.

I have recently visited a large number of our partner projects in South Africa, Namibia & Botswana and having had an amazing time at all of the projects, I am genuinely in awe of the work that these projects carry out on a daily basis, working in sometimes stressful and difficult circumstances but always with wildlife and conservation at the heart. The countries of southern Africa are very diverse, complex and beautiful and I feel privileged to be able to assist our travellers with their experiences. The highlight of my job is following up with travellers when they have returned home and finding out about their experiences and seeing their photos!”


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