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African Conservation Experience - Work With the Wildlife - Become a Wildlife Volunteer in Africa with ACE

African Conservation Experience organise conservation volunteering placements and veterinary work experience opportunities for wildlife volunteers in southern Africa.

Work With Animals - Volunteer on Wildlife Conservation Projects

There are a range of different wildlife conservation projects where volunteers can get involved, getting first hand experience while they work with animals.

Work With a Wildlife Vet - Veterinary Work Experience in Africa

On the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience volunteers work with a variety of species in South Africa, alongside experienced wildlife vets.

Outside Classrooms

Volunteers learn in the field

Rhino Kisses

Making friends with the rhinos

Mass Giraffe Capture

Volunteers assist with giraffe capture while working with the game capture team. The giraffes are darted by a qualified wildlife vet before the volunteers guide them onto a truck for translocation.

TB Testing Buffalo

All buffalo go through a quarantine period before being sold to another reserve. ACE volunteers get to see the buffalo bulls darted, and help the vet test for Tuberculosis (TB).

Volunteers assist with a cheetah darting

Life in the field working alongside an experienced wildlife vet is both unpredictable and challenging

Volunteers assist vets with lion work

At Phinda volunteers assist with hormonal contraception methods on lions to help manage populations and maintain the balance

Rhino capture

M99 is a powerful morphine derivative. Once sedated with M99, a rhino will sink to the ground, allowing the capture team to rope the animal and take blood and other samples.

Moving lions is a skilful task

By law only a registered vet can use high scheduled drugs to immobilise animals. Volunteers learn about the drugs involved, darting techniques, and will administer low schedule drugs. Here volunteers are preparing these lions to be moved.

Wildlife veterinary work

Volunteers get hands-on with the treatment and care of sick and injured birds, mammals and reptiles and subsequent release back into the wild.

Vet attends a buffalo call out

Of the four vets we work with, three of them operate 100% in the field. Volunteers often help out with the testing of disease free buffalo.

Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience

A video of volunteers participating in the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience

Volunteer Diaries from Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience

Shimongwe Volunteer Ruby Shorrock records some of her memorable moments volunteering with Dr Rogers in August 2010 on Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience. See the latest news to read more about her placement and her online diary!