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Step into the heart of real wildlife conservation. Our meaningful volunteering and travel experiences bring you closer to the action, transforming the lives of Africa’s animals and travellers from around the world.

ACE have been operating as a conservation travel company since 1999

Southern Africa's original conservation travel company

We are qualified zoologists and conservationists

Personal guidance before you book

Join real wildlife conservation projects

Enjoy total peace of mind, with 24/7 in-country support

Empower vital conservation initiatives


Whether you’re an animal lover, a conservation warrior, or someone who wants to explore the real Africa, we have the perfect experience for you.

Travellers' stories

Katherine Prindle Profile, African Conservation Experience

Katherine'S STORY

The level of support I received from ACE was great. I went to four different projects and I was completely looked after. The whole ACE team is always there for you!

Melany'S STORY

They also gave me their full support by providing 24/7 support from the team in the country and so I felt 100% safe


My experience was amazing and I would book with ACE again without a second thought.

Savannah'S STORY

I learnt so much being right in the middle of it all and experiencing it all first hand

Frances'S STORY

South Africa closed it’s doors due to covid and ACE very kindly rescued me with another assignment


The consultation and booking process was really personal and efficient and ACE made it easy for me to select the right projects.

Stephanie'S STORY

I have to say that my trip to Care for Wild was just a completely next level experience.

Sabrina'S STORY

South Africa is always going to be a huge part of my life and every single penny I spent on these volunteering experiences has not been wasted.

Magdalena'S STORY

I invite you to get motivated, not to stay behind a screen watching or sharing videos of how they kill animals, see it with your own eyes and act against this that happens every day, before it is too late .


Stories, tips, recommendations - they're the glue that binds the traveller community together. So if you're planning a trip, why not hear what previous travellers have to say about their experience? And if you're just returning from Africa, we'd love it if you shared a few words for travellers who might follow in your footsteps.

Conservation travel and wildlife volunteering in Africa

At African Conservation Experience, we give people with a passion for wildlife the chance to volunteer with animals in Africa. We are driven by the desire to support and enable worthwhile wildlife conservation work and create worldwide ambassadors for conservation. To accomplish this mission, we provide each traveller with a vital role to play in the story of wildlife conservation.

As a wildlife lover, chances are you’re already aware of major conservation issues such as climate change, animal poaching and habitat loss, which threaten the survival of thousands of animals across Africa. Through wildlife volunteering and responsible travel, you can do something meaningful to stop this widespread damage and improve the lives and wellbeing of many important species.

A new era of ethical wildlife travel

When you compare sustainable tourism with other types of travel, it’s easy to see why wildlife volunteering and conservation travel are growing in popularity. For centuries, people from around the world have visited Africa to see the wildlife. But being a major international attraction hasn’t always been advantageous for the animals themselves. From hunting to exploitation, Africa’s wildlife have often suffered as a direct consequence of people’s fascination with them.

As a conservation volunteer in Africa, you can help to reverse this trend and combine unforgettable wildlife encounters with a truly positive impact on the animals. By engaging with Africa’s wildife through sustainable travel, you’ll provide invaluable financial and physical support to the conservation projects we work with. And by joining together with other like-minded animal lovers and conservation volunteers, you’ll continue writing a bright new chapter in the story of Africa’s wildlife.

Who travels with us?

We cater for travellers of all ages, from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. Many of the conservationists and responsible travellers we work with have held a lifelong ambition to volunteer with animals in Africa. Others see conservation volunteering and ethical wildlife travel as a natural next step towards a career in biological sciences, animal management and other similar fields of work.

People at the start of their careers, whether they’re students, taking a gap year, or embarking on an educational field trip, often choose wildlife volunteering for an immersive and meaningful way of working with Africa’s animals. Likewise, people taking work sabbaticals and career breaks, many of whom are over 50, regularly choose ethical wildlife travel and conservation volunteering as a way to fulfil their lifelong dream of working with Africa’s wildlife and making a difference.

Responsible travel is now even more accessible

We understand that a great many people would love to work with Africa’s wildlife in a positive way but are limited by time, work and other commitments. So we are proud to now offer ethical wildlife travel and volunteering opportunities that last just two weeks or less. This is a major step forward for wildlife conservation and sustainable travel in southern Africa, opening the door to more people than ever who want to help protect Africa’s animals.




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