Student group relaxing around the fire at Naankuse Student group relaxing around the fire at Naankuse Student group relaxing around the fire at Naankuse Student group relaxing around the fire at Naankuse

Gap Year Travel & Volunteering in Africa

This is your adventure

You hop off the plane. Warm air hits you. There’s friends to make, animals to help, and an epic wilderness out there. Ready to explore? A gap year adventure is a time to get in touch with nature… and yourself. Time to figure out what makes you… well, you!

Make it count

Want to grow and expand your horizons? Sure thing. Buzzing to learn about different cultures and wildlife conservation? You got it. Volunteers like you are vital to the projects we work with. They need you. You need them. It’s a perfect match. Whatever your ambitions, we can work with you to design a gap year programme to help you learn and grow.

We’ve got your back

Even the most experienced adventurers can end up in unexpected situations. No worries, we’ve got the know-how to smooth out any bumps in the road. Our teams in Europe and Africa are on-hand 24/7 to help with problems, big or small. So wherever your adventure takes you, we’re just a call away.

Why an African wildlife conservation gap year should be top of your list

Gain stacks of confidence

Ready to give it your all? This is exciting work and you’ll be right in the thick of it. It’s a chance to learn a lot and develop yourself as well as your skills. Our project teams have years of practical experience and incredible conservation knowledge and are ready to support you every step of the way.

Work with leading conservationists 

You’ll work alongside conservation professionals. These are people you wouldn’t find in any other projects. They’re shaping the future of wildlife conservation and they need people like you to join the fight. 

Make friends from all over the world

Imagine the excitement of spotting a leopard at dusk as it heads out hunting. Or the reward of becoming part of the team during a rhino horn trimming. Sharing these moments creates strong friendships, many of which will last a lifetime. Really. Good. Friends.

Boost your career

If you’re aiming high – whether it’s animal management, vet science, wildlife conservation or anything in between – you’ll know that you need to stand out from the crowd. This is your chance to gain real workplace experience with people on the front line of conservation. We’ll help tailor your trip to reinforce your academic learning, giving you applied, practical experience. Many universities even allow you to convert this into credits.

Make a REAL difference

Whether you’re rushing to the aid of an injured rhino, releasing pangolins that have been rescued from poachers, or tracking a herd of elephants across the bush, the work you’ll do will have a real impact. For each animal you help and for the future of African wildlife and ecosystems. You will get to see how each project and its people are directly benefitting conservation.

Awe-inspiring Africa

Love exploring other cultures? There’s nowhere in the world like Africa. The people, the animals, the landscape. You’ll get to see things from multiple perspectives and understand how every step in conservation is crucial, complex and intertwined with many others. This is an incredibly rich experience with unlimited possibilities for adventure.

You care for nature, we care for you

A gap year is a journey of self-discovery. You’re stepping – perhaps for the first time – into new situations. With new people. You’re going to push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. And into some really exciting work. Scary? All the best things are.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve got the know-how to get you through any tricky situations. And we’re here to listen and help if you’re feeling anxious or missing home during your gap year in Africa.

So… why us?

  • We’re there. In-person. To meet you as soon as you step off that plane. There’s no wandering around the airport feeling lost. You’ll be briefed and onto the next leg of your journey in a flash.
  • We’ve got the boring bits sorted. Bags delayed? Flights need changing? Don’t you worry, we’ve got this. And we’ll catch you up so you don’t spend your time standing about in airports or making phone calls. 
  • Our people are in South Africa. Loads of travel companies offer overseas support. That means you can talk to them via phone or email. So what’s the big difference? Our South African team are always close at hand, ready to spring into action. You’ll have 24/7 access to them. If needed, they’ll be there in person to help.
  • We look after you if you get sick. We’ll organise medical care, transport and anything else you might need. Sound essential? It is.
  • Your safety is our priority. After all, you‘re going to be getting hands-on with wild animals. Protocols are always followed and up to date.
  • We know how to network. With embassies and foreign offices. We can give real-time information and travel advice for all our locations.
  • We’re super picky. We care a lot about our work and only want to work with true leaders in wildlife conservation. Our staff and partners are very experienced and exceptionally good at what they do.

This is your time. We want to make it the experience of a lifetime! It’s essential that you are able to embrace your travels confidently, knowing that whatever happens, we’ve got you covered.

One for the parents

However incredible your own travels were, seeing your child board a plane to the other side of the world is an anxious moment. That’s natural. But fear not, we can help! There are a lot of reasons why booking with us can help you get a better night’s sleep.

We are ATOL bonded and ABTA accredited for total legal and financial protection.

As a UK-based travel company, we comply with the UK Package Travel Regulations’ strict standards, which ensure we operate in a way that protects our travellers. This covers all our customers, no matter where you come from in the world.

We are proud to be the only organisation of our kind to be offered ABTA membership, one of the world’s most recognised quality standards for travel. And in the highly unlikely event that we stop trading after you make your booking, you are guaranteed to receive your money back. Full details can be found on the ATOL and ABTA websites.

The serious bits

  • We are South Africa’s original conservation travel organisation. It all began in 1999. That’s before loads of our travellers were born! We’re passionate, focussed and we really know our stuff.
  • Real African conservation is at the heart of what we do. We put animals and their welfare first. We protect large ecosystems. We care about the future of the planet.
  • We only partner with projects we’ve vetted. So we’re sure they have the highest ethical standards. Many of which we actually helped to set up!
  • We visit our projects. Regularly. To stay informed, check standards and maintain positive relationships.
  • We are members of the ABTA Animal Welfare Working Group. We work within the travel industry to encourage good practices in animal protection and welfare.
  • We offer incredible support and world-class customer service. From the first time we talk through to the moment, we wave goodbye at the airport. 
  • Our dream team are experts in travel and on top of that, they have zoological and conservation-related qualifications.
  • We have our finger on the pulse. Of conservation, research and up-to-date political and ecological issues. 

Plus, there are no stupid questions. If you are unsure about anything, just give us a shout. We’re very happy to chat with parents directly. We really get it.

Could a short or mini gap be the answer?

Modern life is packed with commitments. Planning an extensive trip doesn’t work for everyone, but great things come in small packages too. 

We can offer the same exciting itineraries, in short or mini-gap experiences. All the fun. Less time. Less money.

But planning is key. On a short gap, you don’t want to waste a second. Not to worry, we’ll work with you to create your perfect mini-gap. Ever imagined tracking and monitoring lions in one of the most remote areas in Africa? Great. Want to get hands-on with practised experts in animal rehabilitation? Here’s your chance. You’ll have an impressive stock of photos and an even bigger stash of memories. Plus, you’ll be super ready for whatever comes next.