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Emilie Holme

πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Denmark

Length of Trip
56 Nights

Project Year

My boyfriend and I went on a two-month experience with African Conservation Experience (ACE) and we had such an amazing trip!

The experience was tailor-made to us and it was the biggest adventure I have ever been on. We were in the best hands throughout the whole trip and we never felt unsafe at any time.

ACE were super easy to get in contact with during our experience and the team did such a good job at planning our trip and making us feel welcome throughout.Β 

I had to take a very important test to get into university while we were on the trip and ACE did everything they could to provide me with a quiet room and stable WiFi which was very important to me.Β 

We did a combination of projects during our trip. We went to the Phinda Wildlife Research Project for four weeks, the Care For Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary for one week and the Vikela Kruger Conservation Experience for three weeks.

All of the projects are truly unique in their own way and I have met people who have had a huge impact on me and the way I think.Β 

Phinda was packed with animals and we got to see so many different and interesting things! During our stay, we were lucky enough to witness a full rhino horn-trimming procedure, get involved in the blood testing of elephants, and we even saw a pangolin! The ecological monitor at Phinda went out of their way to give us the best and most enjoyable stay at the camp and there was also some free time to rest - which we appreciated!

At Care For Wild Africa, we got to see rhinos up close and worked with the babies by feeding them and cleaning their enclosures.

The project staff were incredibly passionate and kind. It was a lot of hard work but also very rewarding.

The Vikela Kruger Conservation Experience was just as amazing. During our time here we went on drives twice a day to monitor the animals and we helped with other work such as building fences and bush-clearing. The ranger was filled with knowledge and he knew so much about tracking animals on foot, the ecosystems and just animals in general.Β 

On our last day at the Vikela Kruger Project, we got to see wild dogs which is super rare and it was amazing to experience.

We also got to sleep outside in the bush amongst the animals which is the wildest thing I have ever done!

I would recommend ACE to anyone, they truly have something for everyone. Thank you so much ACE for making this whole trip possible!