Veterinary students on the Shimongwe veterinary experience attend an injured antelope Veterinary students on the Shimongwe veterinary experience attend an injured antelope Veterinary students on the Shimongwe veterinary experience attend an injured antelope Veterinary students on the Shimongwe veterinary experience attend an injured antelope

Volunteer with Wildlife in Africa

Whether you’re learning to track elephants across the wilderness, giving an orphaned rhino calf her afternoon feed, or racing into the bush to help a wounded giraffe – as a conservation volunteer in Africa you’ll get hands-on in the fight to save the continent’s enchanting wildlife. From the moment you arrive, you’ll also find yourself working shoulder to shoulder alongside seasoned wildlife professionals, learning specialist skills while assisting with real conservation.

Our volunteering experiences in Africa can last anywhere from two weeks to many months. If you want some help finding the perfect experience from the options below, please contact us.


Volunteer with animals in a real conservation project where your time and energy make a meaningful impact.


Live and work on the project, where you’ll get to know Africa’s animals, local professionals and your fellow volunteers.


Gain a breadth of skills and experiences, which could even help you advance your career.

Why volunteer with animals in Africa?

As a traveller, there is simply no other experience that brings you closer to Africa’s wildlife, communities and conservation professionals than volunteering. You’ll find yourself working alongside highly skilled individuals every day, gaining unparalleled access to – and a unique perspective on – Africa’s wildlife, rural communities and the challenges they face.

Spending time in wildlife conservation volunteering in Africa, you’ll also discover the sense of excitement that comes from being able to recognise individual animals even within a wild area or a large group of similar animals. This is something many of our wildlife volunteers tell us is the most profound memory from their time in Africa. For some, it’s also the reason they return to volunteer with wildlife in Africa again and again.

There’s no denying the work can sometimes be challenging. But as you sit down to a well-earned dinner each evening you’ll be able to reflect on the many incredible things you’ve seen, done and learned that day. What’s more, you’ll be supporting conservation projects and initiatives at the very forefront of wildlife conservation in southern Africa. Their ongoing success will be the legacy of your time spent as a conservation volunteer in Africa.

Who volunteers and works with animals in Africa?

Whether you’re an animal lover who wants to work with wildlife in Africa, a student looking for exciting wildlife internships, or someone planning a career sabbatical who has always dreamed of doing something meaningful while seeing the world, wildlife conservation volunteering is for you. 

Different ways of volunteering with animals

We offer a range of wildlife volunteering opportunities in southern Africa to meet the needs of every individual traveller. Many people with a background (or a future) in biology and conservation are drawn to our wildlife research and management, wildlife rehabilitation and care, and marine conservation experiences. Likewise, our veterinary volunteering experiences are very popular with veterinary students seeking a wildlife internship in Africa as well as qualified vets looking to test themselves in a new environment.

What makes us different?

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Empower vital conservation initiatives

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