A lioness amongst a herd of Zebra

6 ways that we can all help endangered African animals in 2017

Tremendous work is being done worldwide to reduce the number of African animals that are vulnerable and endangered, but how can you help to make a difference this year?

Below, we’ve outlined six ways that we can all help to make a difference in the lives and habitats of endangered African animals in 2017. Take a look and spread the word!

1. Learn more about how and why some species are endangered

Whilst TV shows such as David Attenborough’s Planet Earth are doing wonders to help educate us on the wonderful world of wildlife, many of us simply aren’t aware of why certain species of animals are categorised as vulnerable or endangered. Africa can appear like it’s a different world and as such we can be guilty of letting its difficulties pass us by, but the truth is that these animals are real, they live in our world and they need our help.

Even a small bit of insight into the topic can inspire you to help make a change and educate others. Take a little time to read some eye-opening articles on endangered African animals, and you might be surprised about what you learn.

2. Support a worthwhile conservation charity with a one-off/monthly donation

Without conservation charities, it would be a monumental challenge to keep the number of endangered African species down. These brilliant organisations are helping to protect and safeguard vulnerable wildlife, but they wouldn’t be able to do it without our support.

We’ve supported the charity Helping Rhinos, which helps pay towards the management of a small area of a reserve. However, we also advocate the likes of Tusk, Space for Giants, and the Rainforest Foundation. Importantly, most charities can tell you exactly how your money will be spent, which can help to reassure you when donating.

3. Join a conservation project in Africa and make a real difference (whilst having the experience of a lifetime)

If you’re interested in helping endangered and vulnerable animals and having the experience of a lifetime in the process, you should consider volunteering at a conservation project in Africa.

You can work with wildlife in an animal care centre, gain wildlife veterinary experience, and take part in field research. Spend two weeks or several months in Africa depending on your commitments, and assist these majestic creatures with your own eyes.

Find the perfect project for you and start your adventure today.

4. Support or volunteer at your local wildlife parks, centres, and nature reserves

Wildlife parks, centres, and nature reserves are more common than you think, and they all work hard to help protect wildlife, maintain wetlands, and more. They also do a great job of exposing us to wildlife, educating us, and inspiring us.

If you’re keen to help make a change and support wildlife, why not contribute or volunteer at a wildlife park, centre or nature reserve near you?

5. Use sustainable products, recycle, and reduce your carbon footprint

We can help to protect and support the habitats of vulnerable wildlife by making small changes to our way of life. For instance, never buy products that are made from the wood of rainforests, and ensure you recycle your mobile phones. A common mineral used in electrical goods such as mobile phones is mined in gorilla habitats. Simply recycling and buying eco-friendly products and reducing your carbon footprint can be a big step towards helping wildlife.

Perhaps one day if more of us choose this way of life, we can protect more habitats.

6. Become a wildlife ambassador and raise awareness (online and offline)

Whether you’ve only just started to gain an interest in African wildlife or you’re a long-term advocate, the more people who help to educate and inspire, the more likely we can bring real change. Sharing interesting articles about the state of species in Africa on your social media accounts, joining community forums, and even taking part in fundraising events can all help expose others to the challenges that endangered African animals are facing.

Want to learn more about how you can help? African Conservation Experience is focused on finding the perfect volunteer conservation project for those who are determined to help make a change. You can view our wildlife conservation projects here.