Close-up of a baby leopard, looking into the camera

Africa Geographic's top 7 Places to see leopards in Africa

The leopard is one of the most elusive and mysterious big cats in Africa, and seeing one of these animals is often a must-see for anyone travelling to Africa. Their large territories and solitary lifestyle can make them very difficult to spot in the wild. But there are several places in Africa considered to be hotspots for leopard sightings!

Africa Geographic Stories: The 7 Best Places To See Leopards In Africa

Number one on Africa Geographic’s list of best places to see leopards is the Greater Kruger National Park. One of the largest and most important wildlife conservation areas in Africa, it is a stronghold for leopards and other large carnivores. Our Vikela Kruger Conservation Experience operates within the Greater Kruger National Park and you can volunteer to help protect leopards and other iconic wildlife. Through monitoring some of the most important wildlife populations left in Africa you will have the opportunity to get some of the most breathtaking leopard sightings you could have ever imagined!

Third on the list is the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Our Okavango Wilderness Project borders the Moremi Game Reserve, the only national park within the delta. By joining this project you will monitor wildlife, including leopards, to see how threats such as climate change and poaching, affect the ecosystem and wildlife populations. Leopards, bound by territoriality, will stay in their territory even after their prey has moved on, meaning amazing sightings are possible all year round!