An elephant herd at a watering hole in the Okavango delta

Amazing African Elephant Facts To Keep Under Your Trunk (Infographic)

African elephants are the largest animals walking the Earth. Their graceful and gentle nature makes them an animal that many hold close to their hearts. African elephants are particularly easy to spot due to their prominent characteristics and features, such as their large ears, long curved tusks and their powerful trunks.

The sheer size and presence of African elephants means that they can more than hold their own when confronted, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop them from having a conservation status of ‘vulnerable’. Illegal trade in ivory still poses a huge threat to the lives and welfare of African elephants, along with loss of habitat, poaching and urban sprawl.

In this infographic, we share some interesting facts about elephants, and explain what you can do to make a difference to their conservation status.

Elephant Facts

and monitoring, field research and much more.

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Elephant and Predator Study & Okavango Wilderness Experience

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An elephant chasing lions in the African bush