Veterinary students on the Shimongwe veterinary experience attend an injured antelope

Have you got the makings of a wildlife vet? Test your knowledge! (Quiz)

Have You Got the Makings of a Wildlife Vet?

Are you dreaming of a career as a wildlife vet? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of species and cases that are all part of a day's work for wildlife vets in Africa!

ACE volunteers monitoring a sedated rhino in the back of a vehicle

What is the main risk factor when darting and sedating giraffe?

Sedated giraffe

Rhino skin is extremely thick, making access to their veins very challenging. Where would you attach a drip on a rhino?

Michelle Roegiers: posing next to a sedated rhino

Elephants can have a destructive impact on the habitat if their number exceeds the viable population size for a reserve. Some reserves opt for a non-hormonal contraceptive to control the size of their elephant population. How does a wildlife vet administer the contraceptive?

Ramez Ramzy: guide looking at the camera with an elephant in the background

Perissodactyla are mammals that are characterised by an odd number of toes and hindgut fermentation. Horses are perissodactyla - but which of these African species also belongs in this category?

Close-up of a horse in the stable

Sedating big game like buffalo, rhino or giraffe requires an extremely powerful tranquilliser. This drug is highly restricted in South Africa, as the smallest dose can be fatal to humans. What is this drug called?

Emma Onyejekwe: injecting a buffalo

Many wildlife reserves in South Africa border agricultural areas, increasing the risk of diseases spreading between livestock and wildlife. Taking blood samples from buffalo to test them for infectious diseases is a common task for wildlife vets. Which of these infectious diseases poses a significant threat to buffalo?

A buffalo facing the camera at Phinda

Whose skull is being x-rayed here?

X Ray

What is the main cause of unnatural death in vultures?

Karen Mounch: vulture

Which of these animals' digestive system most closely resembles that of a rhino?

Baby rhino close up, The Rhino Orphanage

A dog is brought to your clinic. It is struggling to breathe and shows clear marks of having been bitten by a snake. Which snake is the likely culprit?

Michelle Roegiers: injured sausage dog

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Veterinary students sedating and attending to lions

Are you feeling confident and enthused to embark on a career as a wildlife vet? There is no need to panic if you don't know your snake toxins and tranquillisers yet though! If you want to test the waters first and gain some hands-on experience while under the safe guidance of an experienced South African wildlife veterinarian, you can join the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience for a few weeks and learn from the experts directly! You'll be an old hand at chemical immobilisation and disease tests in no time!


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