ACE volunteers and professional on the Hanchi Horseback Experience

Introducing Hanchi Conservation Project's Herd

Meet the horses that are part of the crew at the Hanchi Conservation Project.

Kalahari is a cob cross gelding and is 4 years old. He is 15.3 hands, and very athletic.

He has big white blotches on his sides and white socks. Max is usually very alert and is often one of the first in the herd to spot wildlife when in the bush.

Being a youngster he is a challenging ride but this makes him all the more rewarding.

Max can be quite curious, and will always go and investigate what the other horses are up to.

He can also be a little nosy especially when it comes to what the other horses have had to eat before going to his own stable for the night!

Kalahari, a horse at Hanchi Conservation Experience
Kalahari, one of the youngest at Hanchi!

Gunsten is a Boerbad cross of about 6 years old. He is around 15.1 hands but quite stocky. This means he is able to carry weight.

He has a great attitude in the bush environment. Gunsten is a real softy with a small stubborn streak. This can make him a really fun ride, once you get to know him.

Since we have had Gunsten he has put on so much weight that we have had to put him on a diet, much to his annoyance.

Gunsten really loves his food! Expect him to be first in line to head home at night for food.

Gunsten, a horse at Hanchi Conservation Experience
Gunsten, the most food motivated at Hanchi!

Max is a 6-year-old Boerpad cross. He has very much proved himself to be a safe strong horse and is easy to work with.

Max is the safest bet in a tricky situation. This has resulted in him becoming the Hanchi lead horse - well done Max!

He is also the most dominant gelding in the herd.

Max has never been stabled before, but he really seems to be loving the extra care and attention he is getting, which is very well deserved!

Max, a horse at Hanchi Conservation Experience
Max, the leader of the herd.

Farewell is a thoroughbred gelding around 6 years old. At 15 hands he is quite small but is very strong.

He is a little timid when socialising with the other horses, but likes humans a lot.

He is very safe on outrides and has a comfortable trot and canter, making him a great ride. He is originally an off-the-track horse.

He is relaxed approaching game in the bush and will do anything asked of him.

He loves attention and is always keen for a groom.

Farewell, a horse at Hanchi Conservation Experience
Farewell, the most relaxed of the herd!

General is a thoroughbred gelding in his 20s.

General is the old boy of the group and is more of a rescue case than anything else. General is retired and is living his life out in the bush.

When he first came he was in a terrible condition and nervous of people. He is now one of the easiest horses to work with and quite literally follows you around the paddock.

What a wonderful way to spend your golden years.

General, a horse at Hanchi Conservation Experience
General, the retiree at Hanchi!