Prince Harry at Care for Wild

Khulula Care for Wild gets a Royal visit!

The Khulula Care for Wild team was in for a huge surprise when HRH Prince Harry joined them last Friday!

Prince Harry’s travel itinerary around southern Africa has strongly focused on learning about rhino conservation, so we can say with pride that Khulula Care for Wild was an obvious choice. The centre has evolved into South Africa’s largest specialist care facility for orphaned rhinos and is the first point of call for all rhino calves found in the Kruger National Park. The project currently cares for over 20 rhinos aged between two months and two and a half years.

Prince Harry spent several hours talking to the team and the volunteers at Khulula, taking a walk around the premises – accompanied by baby rhino Warren – and experiencing a feeding round.

We are sure that getting to know the charismatic little rhino and the team doing such dedicated work will fuel Harry’s interest in conservation. Royalty for Rhino!