Rino Eliassen: group photo with the local community

Top Easter fundraising ideas

Easter egg fundraisers

Traditionally Easter eggs are part of the Easter celebrations. But there are many ways they can be incorporated into your Easter Fundraisers…

Easter egg hunt

This is a well-known part of many people’s Easter. Small wrapped chocolate eggs are hidden around a certain area such as a garden, playground, or sports field. Children then hunt for the eggs. There are lots of variations fundraisers can do around this. How about decorating hard-boiled eggs instead? Hide them in the garden, office or school and people can donate to take part in a treasure hunt.

You could also use the Easter Egg Hunt as a free event around which you can work on some other fundraising ideas such as raffles, activities and refreshments.

How many Easter eggs are in the jar?

Fill a jar with small candy eggs. Charge people to guess how many. The closest guess wins.

Raffle a big Easter egg

A really big Easter Egg in a basket makes a great focal point for an Easter raffle.

Raffle an Easter basket

Get everyone to donate a little prize, cakes, Easter eggs and other luxury items. Put them together in an Easter basket and sell raffle tickets. The winner gets the basket!

Make your own Easter cards to sell

A cheap, creative and fun way to raise some funds. One of our volunteers also made some Cadbury creme egg covers to sell, see the photos below.

Top Tip!

The key is to break up your target figure into manageable chunks rather than looking at it as an impossible figure to reach. By then raising money using a variety of fundraising ideas you’ll be amazed at how much this can amount to! You can do it!