Ruby Shorrock: posing with a sedated hyena

Veterinary volunteer Ruby posts her blogs direct from South Africa!

Follow Ruby Shorrock’s placement in South Africa at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience as she updates us on her experience from SA!

Ruby is on the Shimongwe Experience and has treated an injured elephant while the rest of the herd watched, captured a hyena, treated a buffalo caught in a snare trap, fostered a poorly puppy, and monitored buffalo who were tested for TB... all in the space of 3 days!

Ruby returned home just yesterday and shared some of her photographs with us while booking another placement for next year!

Join Ruby alongside one of the four wildlife vets we work with at Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience!

This trip has been a life-changing experience. The vet and his team have the most incredible job and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Their dedication and passion were infectious and I am truly inspired by them. I cannot thank them enough!

The beauty of the country and the wildlife are indescribable and I would recommend everyone to go if they get the chance. It is an opportunity not to be missed! I loved it so much, I was home for barely 20 minutes before I had booked to go again next year for 5 weeks!

South Africa gets into your blood, no matter how long you are there. I will never be able to stay away for long! African Conservation Experience (ACE)made all this possible, so I am forever grateful to them. The amount of work they put into making sure everyone has a great trip is amazing, and I hope they carry one for many years to come. So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Ruby Shorrock