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Diana DeBlanc with a rhino at Care for Wild

Diana DeBlanc

🇺🇸 United States

Length of Trip
14 Nights

Project Year

My time at Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary can best be described as life-changing!

It is a magical place. To be able to be up close and personal with these animals only deepened the love that I have always had for them. Petronel is an amazing woman and the sanctuary that she has established gives hope and help to a species truly in need.

The work done while there will definitely test your physical abilities but at the end of each day you know you have done something worthwhile, and in a small way are contributing to the survival of the rhino.

I made friends that I hope to keep in touch with for the rest of my life.

More importantly, for me, this has sparked my desire, not only to return again to Care for Wild, but also do what I can while stateside to educate people about their plight and fundraise for the rhino. My experience left me constantly thinking about the sanctuary upon my return and definitely holds a very special place in my heart.