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Douglas Kahle

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21 Nights

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So, you’re looking for a rewarding adventure and you’re passionate about wildlife. You’ve just found the right people! I’ve been to a lot of countries and photographed a lot of creatures in the oceans and on the land. But, I’ve never been “in the field” and experienced “hands on” action like this. The African Conservation Experience (“ACE”) takes you to another level. A level where you will be interacting on a daily basis with highly intelligent scientists and the animals themselves. Depending on your location, you may actually assist in tagging the animals; you may help track and locate them electronically; you may photograph them for updated records and archives; and, you may observe and help record data regarding a large variety of species. And, all of this is occurring on the beautiful African savannah.

ACE gave me a once in a lifetime experience and so many memories that I will never forget. We all know that there are no guarantees with nature, but I can promise that you will leave Africa a different person for the better.