Group of ACE volunteers relaxing around the campfire
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Kenzie Moore

Kenzie Moore

🇺🇸 United States

Length of Trip
28 Nights

Project Year

My time spent with the team in northern Botswana was nothing short of an adventure.

For a full month, on the Okavango Wilderness Project, I had the opportunity to assist in vital research, documenting species presence on the Kwatale conservancy. We had some truly special sightings while there: everything from African wild dogs, to Sable antelope, and even a coalition of three male lions!

Being able to participate in this project helped me gain a further understanding of the conservation issues faced in this region of the world. It was great being able to apply what I had learned in my lecture halls to the field!

In addition to learning more about the local wildlife and ecology at large, I also found myself bonding with the staff and fellow volunteers.

The team in Botswana was chock-full of knowledge; showing us how to identify various tracks, sharing stories from their time in the bush, and patiently answering all our questions. They even laughed at my puns on occasion.

It didn’t take long for the camp to feel like home, and thanks to this incredible experience, I have decided to pursue a career in conservation. I cannot thank the team and ACE enough for the opportunity to volunteer with them, and I would definitely encourage those seeking a true, meaningful adventure to consider this program.