Group of ACE volunteers relaxing around the campfire
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Magdalena Edwards: bottle feeding rhino

Magdalena Edwards

🇨🇱 Chile

Length of Trip
18 Nights

Project Year

My experience was incredible, I am a different person after having been there, I opened my eyes in many areas of my life and learned things that I have the goal of teaching here in. Within them, respect for ALL animals. When I got there my first action was to want to approach and touch everyone, there was too much anxiety to want to touch and hug each living being that was in the reserve, but the workers themselves taught me that you have to respect them, that trust with them was he wins day by day working hard for them. It was us human beings who killed their family in front of them, therefore the most logical thing is that they see us as a threat.

I knew of the extinction of these impressive animals (rhinos) I had seen videos that many shared on social networks of poaching them, but I never imagined anything worse, I never thought that the human being could be so sick and despicable to want to kill for your own benefit that is false. Rhino horn has been so highly valued that many people have it to demonstrate their wealth.

There is a lot of physical work, every day new things are done for animals such as loading food, taking out dung, cleaning them, taking out plants that bring diseases, etc., although some days were overwhelming in terms of work, the feeling of knowing that doing something for them and for the world is much more rewarding than anything. There I felt useful, I woke up knowing that I was doing what I was passionate about and that is the key to being happy.

I invite you to get motivated, not to stay behind a screen watching or sharing videos of how they kill animals, see it with your own eyes and act against this that happens every day, before it is too late.

For me, volunteering was the beginning of what I want to do forever in my life.