Group of ACE volunteers relaxing around the campfire
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Nathalie Neumann

🇩🇪 Germany

Length of Trip
14 Nights

Project Year

My time with African Conservation Experience (ACE) surpassed my expectations in many ways. While I was volunteering in South Africa I gained many new ideas and experienced inspiration and encouragement to start working on some of my own projects.

I am still getting energy from the countless fascinating moments working so closely with nature and wildlife.

I was well taken care of by ACE and did not have to worry about anything. The ACE team were reachable for all questions before my trip and while I was volunteering. I was so impressed with how organised they were, from their transfers to the lovely welcome you receive when you touch down in-country. 

I volunteered at Phinda Wildlife Research Project. Phinda’s accommodations are beautiful, you are based in a camp in the middle of the wild. I can assure you, you will have a great time staying here. I loved watching the amazing sunrises while brushing my teeth in the morning and spotting animals around the camp during downtime.

One night we even had lions next to our camp by the fence!

I never got bored in the break between our drives through the bush. In our downtime, I got to explore the camp, research what I had learned during the day, or spend time socialising with the other volunteers. 

Meeting new people here was such a surprising benefit. It was great to see how different you can be from the other volunteers, but still have something in common that binds you all.

I met really interesting people that I’m still in contact with to this day.

The conservationists and professionals in the reserve were so friendly and open. They are very passionate about their mission and gladly share their knowledge. I asked a lot of questions, therefore, I learned a lot and got to understand exactly how I was helping.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn, get an understanding of how things work, meet incredible people, get in touch with nature, and have breathtaking moments with the wildlife.

As with everything in life, the experience is what you make of it. For me, it was a very inspirational time and I'm very thankful to ACE and hope to do it again soon.